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From Twitter 03-24-2011

  • 00:57:24: "Hey, I forget. Why did I hate Gundam Musou 2's AI?" *Watches must-stay-alive character repeatedly bounce off a mobile armour + die* "Oh."
  • 04:26:28: Hey, Lawrence Taylor! If the institution of prostitution is so bad, how about you stop soliciting prostitutes? http://es.pn/i0DQzx
  • 15:34:39: The rink wants my perspective on throwing a guy out yesterday. That means he bitched to anyone that would listen. Ho boy...
  • 15:53:09: I'm getting really, really tired of hearing from Neil Young of ngmoco.
  • 16:08:53: RT @fredthompson: Push begins to strip Obama of his Nobel Peace Prize. Here's a better idea: push for that Chinese prisoner being allowe ...
  • 16:52:02: "Metacritic average is 88 percent thats what matters." This is why we can't have nice things. #idiotfans
  • 16:56:07: Sorry, console version of Dungeon Fighter Online. You lost me at "360 exclusive" http://j.mp/gcuykp #notfreetoplay
  • 17:01:12: When they're not trying to screw consumers for $40 DS ports, Squeenix is screw consumers on $16 iPhone ports. http://j.mp/eCtb8e
  • 17:05:04: If a white reporter exhibited obvious racist symptoms, he'd become Jimmy the Greek. If a black reporter does it, he's Stephen A. Smith.
  • 17:06:09: Terrible idea by Ralph Nader. This would give absolutely no hope to athletes in poor income areas. http://es.pn/gkVUG6
  • 23:29:08: You know, maybe Butler's just really, really good.

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