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From Twitter 03-25-2011

  • 01:02:11: You know what's awesome about tomorrow's NCAA slate? FOUR double-digit seeds play, and one is guaranteed an Elite Eight spot.
  • 11:39:39: It's been confirmed that the US 3DS doesn't even see Japanese 3DS games. The heads of a few of my friends just exploded.
  • 11:56:00: A great review by @kstar1785 of The 3rd Birthday shows that Squeenix once *again* doesn't get its fans. http://bit.ly/gyFUsv
  • 11:56:37: Bonus points because I'm quite certain the weeaboos are going to gut her for this, but from the sounds of it, New Aya = New Samus.
  • 11:59:09: It'd be ironic if Gamefly had to leave their business, leaving us with no way to rent games, since they helped kill brick and mortar stores.
  • 11:59:22: The article I reference with that last tweet by @benkuchera: http://bit.ly/edfdda
  • 12:22:40: Just looked at my NCAA bracket. I have ONE team left. Thankfully, it's Ohio State.
  • 13:20:39: It's official. Obama is the new Bush. #whbrief
  • 13:22:41: "We didn't have time to dot every I and cross every T". This in reference to the Constitution's mandate on Congress/war. I'm in awe.
  • 13:26:01: Canada's government has fallen to a No Confidence vote. Too bad Canada's voters will make it even stronger after Spring. #dumbliberals
  • 13:31:44: On the list of reasons for the lack of confidence: not rewinding VHS tapes, taking the last slice, and not passing the bong in time. #canada
  • 13:36:44: Don't get me wrong: I hate Harper, and hate the Tories. But this election will probably not go well. Voters are election fatigued. #canada
  • 14:28:20: "We improved trade logic in MLB '11 The Show." "Then how was I able to trade Jack Cust for Howie Kendrick straight up?" "Uh..."
  • 14:30:59: Wow, Twitter was so fucked earlier it didn't even show a fail whale. Just an empty http referrer.
  • 14:43:28: Noted liar and snake oil salesman Tim Geithner says Japan won't harm U.S. recovery. #fixedthatforyoureuters http://reut.rs/hQ9ldC
  • 14:48:53: I notice we're beating the shit out of Gaddafi, but not touching Syria with anything more than pointed words. I wonder why.
  • 15:55:32: I love the audacity it takes to ask for special tax cuts for a company that blatantly steals other companies' games. http://j.mp/fDOk69
  • 16:35:39: The crap that Scott Adams is going through reminds me of just why I disdain "modern" feminism so much.
  • 16:57:35: Uh, Jim? You did enough foreign damage in the 70s. RT @Reuters: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to visit Cuba http://reut.rs/h6E3Px
  • 18:17:38: Wow. What the hell are the WAVE thinking!? #cthk http://bit.ly/fQbN4m
  • 20:14:11: 2 miles running, 3 X 30 w/ 530 lbs leg press, not bad. And I've now become one of "those" assholes who talks about his workout regimen.
  • 23:32:20: RT @kissability: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? More like nothing tastes as good as full fat, organic butter, cheese, cream and ...
  • 23:36:02: It's official. My NCAA bracket is dead. Every team I had in the Elite Eight, let alone the Final Four, is gone.

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