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From Twitter 03-27-2011

  • 00:40:13: Very good work by @owengood in explaining why the new Metacritic area for developers is a BAD thing. http://bit.ly/ffFMfh
  • 00:41:42: \@kstar1785 I realize I'm painting things with a roller brush at this point, but enough copies are moving to justify these statements.
  • 00:44:15: Jiminy Fucking Crickets. It's sad when I can't run data recovery software because it won't read an ext3 file system.
  • 00:54:07: Doing a Damaged Partition Scan on my external drive. This will take ten hours. This is DELICIOUS. #thisbetterwork
  • 01:10:25: Serious question I posed to a friend: what would happen if any game other than Duke Nukem had a "Capture the Babe" mode, as it's advertised?
  • 01:23:12: Nothing has introduced me to cooler electronic music than just putting "Mogwai" into Pandora and letting it fire away.
  • 01:45:39: Judging by how quickly she was on and offline, I'd say @samarecarm's computer is borked. JUST THE RIGHT TIME TO SWITCH TO LI--*shot*
  • 01:49:46: 1,700 FAT files identified so far on my 500GB external. THERE IS HOPE YET. Please, oh please don't make me find that music again...
  • 02:46:57: You know what? Fuck it. My Northampton story is going to be public. It's not like I have a writing job I can lose at this point.
  • 03:48:06: Little warning, in case my piece goes on my journal tonight: I write like Bill Simmons on these. I go all over the place. But it's FUN.
  • 05:16:24: Hey Pope Benedict! How about you call for the suspension of the use of altar boys by your clergymen before you worry about Libya!
  • 08:08:58: When I get to reading, I get to *READING*. Just finished Ayako. The entire story.
  • 08:10:53: Put it this way: for depressing endings, not even Yoshiyuki Tomino can out do Osamu Tezuka. I need a hug.
  • 10:04:08: Today's refresher IT lesson: when recovering data drives, you will see shit you deleted four years ago. #timetorunbootandnuke
  • 18:52:14: You know what pisses me off about VCU? To the NCAA, that's going to justify this "play in" bullshit.
  • 18:58:03: Big week for releases next week. The notable one for me: Dynasty Warriors 7.
  • 19:13:51: So on that large drive, I was able to legitimately save... a bunch of pictures. Music is useless because it didn't keep file names.
  • 19:14:23: Video didn't get saved. iTunes stuff is all gone. Basically, I saved my friend's documents, and no more. Guess it's time to format.
  • 19:25:32: One reason Contra (1987) is better than Hard Corps: Uprising (2011): when I bought Contra, I got the ENTIRE GAME.
  • 19:26:52: When all is said and done, the entirety of Hard Corps: Uprising is $22.50, with as many characters (4) as the original Hard Corps (from '94)
  • 19:27:27: One can say that's better than the $50 the Genesis game cost in 1994. I would rather say the initial $15 is akin to a bait-n-switch.
  • 19:28:31: It's been said, but modern DLC is not an expansion pack. It's holding back content to trick impulsive gamers.
  • 19:31:46: .@edropple needs a reminder that the gravy train of stupid, impulsive manchildren making stupid purchases will not continue forever.
  • 20:05:45: RT @ID_AA_Carmack: Scott Adams uproar is amusing. I defend the value of "not caring about 90% of stuff" Care deeply about everything == ...
  • 20:25:57: Now, to begin the process of recovering all of my data. Thankfully, unbeknowst to me, my mother runs a massive data server. What the fuck!?
  • 20:28:21: Therefore, all of the stuff I had - like the entirety of DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, The Smurfs, etc. - is on my MOTHER'S DATA SERVER.
  • 20:28:49: Honestly. This breaks my fucking brain. This was a woman I had to drag kicking and screaming onto the internet via a '00 era WebTV.
  • 20:46:22: With the release of The 3rd Birthday, I've decided to celebrate and purchase the original on PSN to see when the series wasn't shit.

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Mar. 28th, 2011 12:50 pm (UTC)
"With the release of The 3rd Birthday, I've decided to celebrate and purchase the original on PSN to see when the series wasn't shit."

Does it really matter which one you purchase? Square's getting the money anyway.

And are you sure you don't want to recommend a Lord OS to anyone? :P (*bludgeoned*)
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