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From Twitter 03-29-2011

  • 16:20:54: Who knew that some shitty Taiwanese LED game maker from the 80s effectively invented Diner Dash 20+ years prior? http://bit.ly/dOuIid
  • 17:28:14: Between Wisconsin and Indiana, I'm seeing a heavy disdain by the GOP for the rule of law.
  • 17:28:43: Indiana's especially funny, because I expect the SCOTUS to eventually strike their own gay hating law down.
  • 17:34:44: I'm surprised people are excited for the next Legend of Heroes game. A seven year old game from a mediocre series? nothankyou.jpg
  • 20:35:28: Look, I love Matt Howard as much as anyone, but this piece by Rick Reilly is just flat-out ridiculous. http://es.pn/edxx9Y
  • 21:27:25: I can't wait for idiot press members to say Britney Griner is overrated. Hard to do anything when you're playing one on five.
  • 21:32:38: So the new Legend of Heroes game isn't as good as past efforts and requires heavy backtracking, and I'm supposed to believe it's an 88?
  • 21:33:03: Put it this way. It's not as good as past entries in a mediocre, paint-by-numbers series. Sorry, not buying it.
  • 21:36:04: So the UCONN women beat Duke by 35 points. Hey Geno, ever think this might be why no one shows up to your games?
  • 21:55:28: "Hey, let's find the Seymour police blotter..." "Welcome to Rep-Am! You need a subscription to acc--" *click* Sorry, homey don't play that.
  • 21:57:31: Another libertarian vs. conservative argument? It's easy: modern conservatism is fucked. Argument over.
  • 21:59:22: Ys Seven and Oath in Felghana dropped in price. That's bad. Very bad. This quickly, it means units just aren't moving.
  • 22:01:12: Nice of EA to give everyone a $15 DLC pack to unlock everything on day one. How special. Unfair online advantage? So what! #shift2
  • 22:04:37: So the 3DS has error messages now? This is why I tell people to hold off on hardware purchases. Let them work the kinks out.
  • 22:22:18: The NPD was bashed into irrelevance a while ago. Now, it's just about dead. http://bit.ly/g4AQsU
  • 22:37:20: Good on @benkuchera for calling out more Bobby Kotick crap. People get amnesia about what he does to developers. http://bit.ly/f34CJA
  • 23:21:05: Toronto is now only a few points outside of the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. Maybe we should be asking James Reimer to be PM.
  • 23:40:19: My laptop speakers are dying. Jesus Christ. Everything computer related I touch is blowing up lately.
  • 23:40:40: Considering I'm supposed to be a trained IT professional, this is problematic.
  • 23:57:35: Dear gay people who play video games: you want equality, your stereotypes are fair game as well. Sorry, you don't get to choose.

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