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From Twitter 03-30-2011

  • 00:03:41: This is probably a bad time to mention that, via emulators, I can play the original Mortal Kombat online. No pass needed. http://j.mp/gZcJK4
  • 00:04:56: http://bit.ly/ig9eJG - FUCK! God DAMNIT, EA. NOW you decide to enforce a copyright that you're not using? Fuck you. *downloads anyway*
  • 00:06:15: To clarify: Origin not only allowed the game to be freeware, they allowed the books to be freeware with it. This is a silly reversal.
  • 00:13:35: So they're remaking ARTHUR? Really? Are we that out of ideas?
  • 02:00:04: Interesting data from Salon on unemployment compensation. Note the unemployment rates of each category. http://bit.ly/fdkLDN
  • 04:37:26: I urge anyone with inventive tastes in music to give this album by Reno Project 1.0 a try. It's a great listen. http://bit.ly/hROx8E
  • 15:47:00: Naturally, Brian Reynolds of Zynga doesn't tell Industry Gamers that their game designers were ordered to steal games. http://bit.ly/ecHuKq
  • 16:09:21: We're looking at 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow and Friday. You have got to be shitting me.
  • 16:41:33: Hey Rovio. Go fuck yourselves. I happen to LIKE those $49 pieces of plastic because they're better than your game. http://j.mp/e3VI9E
  • 22:22:01: Iginla vs. Emery tonight? Someone make sure @twelveicings is alright!
  • 22:25:43: Is that Donald Trump on O'Reilly? Yikes.
  • 22:54:23: Just got home. About to watch Calgary vs. Anaheim, or as I like to call it, Fucking A Must Calgary Get Two Points.
  • 22:56:25: St. Louis beat Detroit 10-3? Who was Detroit's goaltender, Tim Cheveldae?
  • 23:03:58: HOLY SHIT! Next week, for being in PlayStation Plus, I get SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2!!! It's only the 17th version of the game! Fuck yeah!
  • 23:07:34: I hate that Dropkick Murphy's song about shipping up to Boston. I especially hate hearing it outside of Boston. Like in CALGARY.
  • 23:09:46: Every time I look, Jay Bouwmeester is getting burned. $6m!
  • 23:10:40: Calgary's going to lose, and with that, I think they're done for the playoffs. As a Canucks fan, I will now breathe a sigh of relief.
  • 23:12:20: This is horseshit. Why did Calgary not pull Kipper two goals down? They quit. And Mark Giordano is a fucking faggot.
  • 23:13:04: When he went on to celebrate, Bobby Ryan called Giordano a "fucking pussy", it looked like. I totally agree. What bullshit.
  • 23:17:07: WOW. That's about $100bn USD. RT @Reuters: Japan’s Sakurai: Funds needed for extra budgets (not disaster relief) likely over 10 trln yen
  • 23:31:58: Just watched highlights of the Detroit game. Let's just say Detroit's asked Jimmy Howard twelve times "so you'll be ready soon, right?"

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Mar. 31st, 2011 09:58 pm (UTC)
I hate that Dropkick Murphy's song about shipping up to Boston. I especially hate hearing it outside of Boston. Like in CALGARY.