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From Twitter 03-31-2011

  • 11:26:37: Here's my take on the Reddit controversy: Reddit is largely irrelevant, and I have better things to do with my time than this.
  • 11:48:26: Got a pingback on this old Pokemon clone piece I did in '09. Nice to see, because it didn't get read back then. http://bit.ly/gSHL76
  • 11:58:23: Opening Day in baseball is here! Maybe the Mets won't go bankrupt, and the Mariners will lose less than 100 games! #optimism
  • 12:42:35: Do I *HAVE* to watch the Yankees game on YES? Really?
  • 12:43:47: Shit, I forgot the Yankees got Russell Martin. Good pickup for them, they needed a catcher who can... you know... catch.
  • 13:16:23: I need a trusted source to tell me whether or not Dynasty Warriors 7 is worth a purchase. DW6 burned me bad.
  • 13:16:58: Unfortunately, @dekunda left Twitter for Plurk (>:[), and the one DW journalist I read (Sterling) and I tend to disagree on things a lot.
  • 13:22:26: I think I might just have to run the streaming broadcast of the Yankee game on ESPN3. I thought I could ignore John Sterling. I was wrong.
  • 13:30:03: Another 205 industry jobs, poof. That's OK, I'm sure they'll all do well making $1 iPhone games, AMIRITE? #sigh http://t.co/mXkRZWd
  • 13:32:51: I thought Democrats were the ones that usually got involved with censoring people's word choices. http://bit.ly/fQENvp
  • 13:44:22: 4C and rainy here in CT! #fuckyoutoo RT @kelly_carlin: Can you say gorgeous? Cuz, that is what the weather is like here today in L.A.!
  • 14:06:10: The typical Libertarian response to Jon Stewart: "What a liberal piece of shit. I hate libera-- wait, he's bashing Obama? I LOVE STEWART!"
  • 14:26:55: LOL! RT @dmataconis: Texas Republican: Obama’s Using Libya To Deplete The Military So He Can Raise A Private Army http://bit.ly/hUzlto
  • 14:27:36: 7th inning stretch at the Stadium! That means it's time for our latest jingoistic pleasure: forcing people to stand for God Bless America.
  • 14:28:36: We do the anthem in the beginning. We don't need to use what was a leisurely period of time to force people to bow to America's will.
  • 14:39:40: RT @CMDeB: Uterus? Really? Do we want to hand Florida to Obama? *sigh*
  • 14:41:15: Jim Leyland: "OK, Granderson can't hit lefties. Let's bring in Phil Coke." *MOONSHOT* "... Shit." *lights a twig*
  • 14:45:57: Wow. These commercials for David Pankin on YES are something. Just what I want to get out of debt! A guido who sounds like Joe Pesci!
  • 15:05:45: "I don't like how you wrote gay people. So I want you to LOSE YOUR LIVELIHOOD" http://bit.ly/h3g3fH This is why we can't have nice things.
  • 15:08:00: I said this yesterday, I'll say it again: a colourful world involves colours we don't like as well.
  • 15:14:47: RT @hatsuyuki: @superbus LOL what ahahaha. David Gaider doesn't even write Anders. Jennifer Hapler does. (He makes passes at fem Hawke too.)
  • 15:15:50: And so ends an absolutely miserable day for Alex Avila. Hat trick at the plate, and some key pitches that he should have blocked.
  • 15:16:43: Who? Exactly. RT @Reuters: Sbarro prepares to file for bankruptcy: report http://reut.rs/fl21nB
  • 15:19:47: I can honestly say I've never seen so many Sbarro defenders before today. I might just start a riot.
  • 16:08:51: Note to self: DO NOT. I repeat. DO. FUCKING. NOT. Leave a package of Pocky on top of your external hard drive that runs hot.
  • 16:25:57: No, Warren Moon. It's not because of race. It's because he's a bust waiting to happen. Can you say JaMarcus Newton? http://es.pn/fyvivI
  • 16:29:43: I wish I could get this Reno Project album onto my iPhone without wiping my other music. Too bad Apple sucks a bag of dongs.
  • 16:31:17: Damnit! Gamestop acquired Impulse (and Stardock with it)!? FUCK. FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCK. There goes one of the last good bastions.
  • 16:54:01: I almost feel like I have to play Dragon Age II now just so I have an opinion on it.
  • 17:51:14: Listened to the Mark Levin show for the first time. I lasted about 40 seconds.
  • 20:29:53: My resolve did not last long: Dynasty Warriors 7 GET!
  • 21:03:43: My mother "does not care for" Pocky. I'm not judging, I just think she's a Commie.
  • 21:04:19: She comes back at me with "you don't watch Phineas and Ferb. Who takes YOU seriously? No one righteous, that's who!" My family, everyone.
  • 21:04:50: RT @edropple: @superbus 's mom is so much cooler than he is
  • 21:05:44: RT @GeorgeTakei: Live action of anime classic Akira will use white actors. In related news, remake of Roots to star Mel Gibson. #ShameOnWB
  • 21:27:26: RT @DevilOfSparda: oh my god. CHESS HERO. http://imgur.com/s/FyFcJ I am loling at the map packs.
  • 21:30:20: I wish there were groups as dedicated to other humans as PETA is dedicated to animals. http://bit.ly/fi3JVF
  • 21:31:22: BTW: Michael Vick was on the cover of Madden 2004, which is probably the best version of Madden we've ever seen. So there's that.
  • 21:42:33: My FIANCEE - of all people - just called me a weeaboo. If she were here, I'd spank her! ... OK, I'd spank her regardless, BUT STILL.
  • 22:56:18: OK, Dynasty Warriors has always been ridiculous, but this opening cutscene is just something else.
  • 22:58:20: OK, you KNOW that Koei dug DEEP into Three Kingdoms history when you have to Google up one of the initial characters. #baosanniang
  • 22:59:05: Meanwhile, while they practically make shit up for this game, there's still no playable Cheng Pu, from what I can see. I don't get it.
  • 23:10:29: It's warm in here. It's kinda cool. What's this thing called? I hear people calling it a "womb" outside. I don't wanna leave. #1979tweets

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Apr. 1st, 2011 01:51 pm (UTC)
I think I'm going to be reviewing Dynasty Warriors 7 soon. ^_^;;
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