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From Twitter 04-01-2011

  • 02:51:21: Oh for the fucking love of Christ... http://sbux.co/gr07vd
  • 04:07:05: Bao Sanniang's musou makes her look like a moe catgirl. Are you FUCKING SERIOUS?
  • 06:32:08: I'd be more impressed with Bill Harris's Tiger Woods '12 post had I not made the same exact points the past four years. http://j.mp/ezExa4
  • 06:32:36: Let me once again remind people: Tiger Woods PGA Tour '06 is about $2 now, and is a *better overall game* than '09, '10, '11 AND '12.
  • 06:33:26: "But Chris! The Masters! THE MASTERS!" Yes, wonderful. For the first time ever, women will be able to play Augusta. Sorry, not a big deal.
  • 06:34:49: "But Chris, you can't take Tiger '06 online anymore!" Right, you don't get to find out that you need a 40 to sniff the leaderboards, either.
  • 06:40:07: RT @drjjoyner: RT @AdamSerwer: Wow dude. The former head of the CIA's bin Laden unit has gone completely nuts. http://bit.ly/fzzOeI | Gone?
  • 16:40:44: Alright, assholes. Get your April Fools bullshit out of the way, and then let's get on with our lives.
  • 16:55:13: The cool thing about my Gaming Bus twitter is I can catch up on my video game related tweets that fell out of my Superbus timeline.
  • 17:01:20: I usually don't say this, but thank goodness for John Boehner. We need a grown up to keep the Tea Party children in line.
  • 17:04:04: As @dmataconis said: you want to make a difference? ELect Tea Party senators... oh, wait. You ran Christine O'Donnell. Whoopsie!
  • 17:09:24: It's April 1st. Do you know where your website or your logo are? #timetogetpushy
  • 17:14:30: RT @SPBowley: State motto? "UConn... It's all we've got." RT @bendoody: UConn bball gives state identity not found elsewhere in ne http: ...
  • 17:17:10: RT @kweenie: Chilling Punishment For A 14-Year-Old "Adulteress" (via @Jezebel) http://t.co/2xJwDv6
  • 17:24:29: Something @DToid taught me today: @pheonix_b has exceptional handwriting, and I could NEVER hand-write my posts. It'd be horrid.
  • 17:27:20: Mission Accomplished! RT @AnnCurry: US military will stop flying COMBAT missions over Libya, only SUPPORT missions... starting April 2.
  • 17:51:30: Do I have to do this? Do I REALLY have to go back to being a Democrat to get something done? God, I don't want to do that...
  • 17:57:22: It's interesting what Tony Stafferi did today. He basically just called the Board of Education and supporters of it enemies. #derbyct
  • 18:13:17: Consider the source. RT @KyleOrl: Is it too soon to call Portal the best game of all time? GamesRadar says NO! http://bit.ly/hLpKbi
  • 19:15:53: RT @Seanbabydotcom: April 1st and rampant remedial comedy has made the Internet useless today.
  • 19:20:07: Good of Gamevil to support Xperia Play with... uh, all of the games they've released for other platforms. #meh
  • 23:17:50: Dynasty Warriors 7 should be the Game of the Year for one reason: they made using Huang Gai fun.

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Apr. 2nd, 2011 08:17 pm (UTC)
I've always had great fun using Huang Gai!


Totally not surprising, huh?
Apr. 2nd, 2011 08:34 pm (UTC)
Shit, I've been wondering where you were! I'm writing a (LONG) entry with your name on it.

Two words describe it: "Bastard!" and "Ayako"
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