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From Twitter 04-02-2011

  • 00:30:03: RT @DHGFMadson: April Fool's is over. Is it safe to read the internet again?
  • 00:31:33: The Mariners are on pace to finish 162-0! #wishfulthinking #ohwaitwehavenohitting #orpitching #oranyoneotherthankingfelix
  • 01:55:12: It's official. Capcom Japan has lost touch. http://bit.ly/hwpdX8
  • 09:58:35: I guess my question to this is: why would a tech company WANT to do business in China? The cons outweigh the pros. http://bit.ly/gZ2UDY
  • 10:02:45: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: NHL award voting controversy: PHWA chapters in NY (NYI, NYR, NJD) refusing to vote to protest NYI's treatment of PHW ...
  • 10:06:21: Can't stand Larry Brooks' writing, but he's spot-on in sticking up for Chris Botta. http://bit.ly/eficlk
  • 10:15:01: Haley Barbour's wife just basically torpedoed her husband's future Presidential prospects. Libs would eat this alive. http://bit.ly/hnLYNa
  • 10:38:05: So Xperia Play is now out. Wake me when they get something worth playing that isn't over 10 years old.
  • 10:49:42: Old school wrestlers are looking at the @Wrestlemania twitter account and everything it stands for. And they are taking another drink.
  • 12:26:47: If you're wondering why on God's green earth why Cricket is leading off on ESPN.com, read this OTL piece. You'll get it. http://es.pn/ftPeyA
  • 12:28:07: How important is India winning the Cricket World Cup? Think England winning football's World Cup, tripled.
  • 14:24:22: I really miss the days of community management. It's been too long since @edropple and I were compared to Hitler and Himmler, respectively.
  • 14:28:47: Hopefully, the city of Atlanta will never be in contention for a playoff spot again. See you in Quebec City, guys.
  • 14:56:28: Things I found today: the box for Aileen's PSP, my old letterman jacket from high school, and a book about mastering video games... from '82
  • 15:40:23: The England females are still beating America. Too bad everyone in England is telling the "bints" to get back in the kitchen.
  • 17:16:48: RT @ErikaS981: What is the point of @MLB TV if I am blacked out of every damn game?! GRR!
  • 17:56:26: By her understated standards, this is an evisceration. RT @DHGFAileen Playing 3rd Birthday. So far, it makes me want to shoot things.
  • 18:05:51: This game sucks. #ncaafinalfour
  • 18:54:55: Reading the FAQs of certain anime sites make me wonder if I was *that* much of an asshole when I ran FESS. If I was, I'm sorry. So, so sorry
  • 18:55:46: RT @mdell74: @SPBowley Both Kentucky and UConn will have their appearances stripped within 5 yrs so this is the national Championship
  • 18:56:51: I love watching Matt Howard play. Too much he has virtually zero chance of a professional career.
  • 19:27:26: Maybe Butler is just really, really good.
  • 19:47:08: Woah, woah. Wait a minute. Brian Cashman accused the Mets of overusing a pitcher!? Get Scott Proctor on the phone! http://es.pn/ha7dTA
  • 19:49:11: Thanks, CBS. I now loathe the new Arthur movie more than I ever have. Which is saying something.
  • 20:03:11: So is this John Calipari's third Final Four, or his first?
  • 20:11:07: Here we go, from the Recruiting Violation All Star Game!
  • 20:12:15: If @JimSterling gives your Musou game a "rent" rating, you know you fucked up. http://j.mp/fkv2fF
  • 20:22:26: *Gets a bit.ly "trending!" notice* "26 clicks? What th--" *Sees that his post was RT'd by Sterling* "... Ah."
  • 20:43:45: I'd say my introduction to Tumblr was... inauspicious. http://j.mp/fFZWBC
  • 21:15:39: Not sure if this is irony... RT @GeorgeTakei: Prison guards don't start with such lofty aspirations. Perseverance gets them there.
  • 21:53:47: Think I'm starting to understand how BakaBT works. Not a bad system, even if the administrators seem to be douchenozzles.
  • 21:56:38: RT @sportsguy33: I'm enjoying the To Be Vacated Later Classic.
  • 22:15:35: Maybe John Calipari is really, really overrated.
  • 23:10:57: Congratulations to the 2011 NCAA Champions, the Butler Bulldogs! (Just a matter of whether they get it on Monday or after UCONN abdicates)
  • 23:19:30: Now watching: The Completely Irrelevant Cup between the Canucks and the Oilers.
  • 23:27:12: If you paid money to see @charliesheen... well, I don't know what you stupid fuckers expected. http://j.mp/hOJOwe #duh #notwinning

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Apr. 4th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC)
How is Butler supposed to win that game.
Charlie Sheen will be winning until the day he literally bursts into flame.
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