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From Twitter 04-04-2011

  • 03:25:35: Oh, so IGN actually writes about Wrestling again? They're not too "good" for it anymore? I remember when they had a good wrestling section.
  • 03:26:19: I realize that that statement greatly dates me, as they killed their wrestling section back in 2001.
  • 04:53:52: I don't care if a resurrected Goebbels is running against him. I'd vote for anyone not named Sepp Blatter for FIFA Pres. http://j.mp/dGxBek
  • 17:44:55: I like how other sites are reporting GamesRadar's Top 100 list as if it's news. And by "like", I mean I think it's fucking stupid.
  • 17:45:21: I mean, are you all desperate for residual links on an article meant to be little more than a linkbomb anyway? That's all it was.
  • 17:46:54: This has little to do with my opinion of Games Radar (not a fan, they lost me with their pathetic FFVIII review). You other sites suck more.
  • 17:55:40: RT @Semishark: The worst thing about the 21st Century could be the rise of the Ignorant Right Wing Woman as a power icon. Makes me miss ...
  • 18:06:50: "Zynga on why AAA developers fail at social games" Because AAA devs don't steal the work of others? (Except Capcom) http://j.mp/g9E8zz
  • 18:33:24: Maybe I should do a 10 thoughts for Wrestlemania XVII. I've never written for Wrestling, but everyone else has, so why not?
  • 19:26:46: As I head to the gym, probably to watch some of this game, all I have to say is this: fuck UCONN.
  • 19:34:04: It looks like Planned Parenthood funding is going to survive. http://bit.ly/f1yf1g
  • 19:52:55: RT @PeterGriffinn: Why when your wife gets pregnant, everyone rubs her belly & says "congrats!" But nobody rubs your dick and says "Good ...
  • 21:18:10: "This is the worst half of basketball I've ever seen in a championship game". Have to agree with Greg Anthony.
  • 21:18:27: With that said, Butler is one UCONN run from being out of this game. They're living on the edge. They need a post presence.
  • 21:20:02: Fixed. RT @dmataconis: Apparently, there's some game involving a bouncing orange ball going on while the #Mariners are playing.
  • 21:22:50: Quick halftime note: the Streets of Rage remake - now complete - is *EXCEPTIONAL*. And it's *FREE*. It's a must play. http://bit.ly/cePEnk
  • 21:26:20: For anyone under the age of 20 wondering what the big deal is: Streets of Rage is everything Final Fight wanted to be.
  • 21:43:27: "Searching for satellite". You have to be fucking kidding me, DirecTV.
  • 22:04:23: I don't see how Butler can come back. They just don't have the scorers to make up a double digit deficit.
  • 22:17:56: The past two NCAA mens' finals show one thing: no matter what, the bad guys win in the end.
  • 22:19:35: If Wrestling was NCAA Basketball, Sgt. Slaughter would have beaten Hulk Hogan at WMVII and pissed on the American flag.
  • 22:21:23: You know what's weird? This whole "use a year to set up the next Wrestlemania main event" thing sounds intriguing. Old school in a way.
  • 22:22:50: Like it harkens back to the days of four pay-per-views, and taking months upon months to set up a match that *means something*
  • 22:27:40: Congratulations, UCONN. Enjoy your championship for the next four years, at which point you'll have to give it back for violations.
  • 22:27:53: Symptoms of age. So sad! :'( RT @DevilOfSparda: I.... was going to ask @superbus something and I totally forgot what it was. :'(
  • 22:28:42: The hell? RT @chadfordinsider: Kemba Walker was never spectacular in the tournament, but NBA guys love winners and Walker's proved he's that
  • 22:29:26: "And here comes One Shining Moment, on CB--" *CLICK*
  • 22:53:14: Looks like Funimation was finally sold. http://www.japanator.com/report-funimation-sold-navarre-retained-for-logistics-19095.phtml

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Apr. 5th, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
Can take or leave Funi at this point, but a complete SORR is something everybody should be celebrating!
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