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From Twitter 04-07-2011

  • 09:50:33: Why Twitter is better: I just found out about the #japan earthquake from a random @jlist post, who's close to it.
  • 09:57:25: In regards to Free to Play Battlefield, @drpizza shows what happens when marketing departments start designing games. http://t.co/bfdwQuc
  • 10:09:16: The Battlefield issue just goes onto show EA's continual cash-grabs in the digital market. It will get worse before it gets better.
  • 10:09:48: But what can we say? You stupid motherfuckers keep buying this shit. You keep supporting DLC games that are obsolete a year later.
  • 10:10:55: As long as you stupid motherfuckers - yes, you - keep buying what EA is selling, that's what we'll get. Balance in game design is dead.
  • 10:20:13: At this point, I'm just waiting for the Jesus freaks to say that Japan's earthquakes are because it's a Shinto/Buddhist country...
  • 10:34:31: Let the record show: the GOP is not interested in saving money, they only care about pleasing their core base. http://bit.ly/gZNcNu
  • 10:35:49: I generally don't get into ad-hoc statements like "all the GOP wants to do is hurt women!", but they make it *REALLY* hard sometimes.
  • 10:37:03: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Condolences to friends/family of EJ McGuire of NHL Central Scouting, who passed away today. Nice, nice man with a pa ...
  • 10:42:05: Am I the only person concerned that a police department can put an entire school on "lockdown" seemingly at will? #seymourct
  • 10:57:00: I'm using the word "fundamentally" a lot today. That means I'm thinking too much.
  • 11:11:15: Add another former studio head eaten alive by Kotick and Co. bemoaning what Activision did to their company. http://j.mp/g0PUEV
  • 11:44:47: RT @kirstenpowers10: Rep Linda Sanchez on MSNBC -- says she can't give up her paycheck if #govtshutdown b/c she lives paycheck to paycheck
  • 11:51:19: I hope I never get so famous that my MOTHER'S fuck ups become news. Granted, my mother doesn't get arrested for assault, but still.
  • 11:55:09: Made my first vanity purchase: a dynamic theme for the XMB for my PS3. Might have been a mistake; icons are hard to read in the daytime.
  • 13:19:47: OK, EA's desperation in regards to Call of Duty is beyond pathetic at this point. http://j.mp/gPdj4q
  • 13:33:37: RT @DevilOfSparda: Hey EA, what happened to your last Call of Duty killer? Medal of Honor, was it? Oh, right....
  • 13:46:58: I'm starting to wonder if I need a docking station for my laptop. The heat from it just engulfed my cat in flames. Third time this week.
  • 15:04:25: Turns out my laptop's heat issues are just Linux being Linux. That's a problem. Love the OS, hate the hardware management.
  • 15:28:28: RT @CMDeB: Both sides are accusing the other of having nefarious plans to intentionally shut down the govt. Shut up.
  • 15:29:57: I was wondering why Wrestlemania - and by extension, modern wrestling - sucked. With the rebranding to WWE, I have the answer.
  • 15:30:35: It's not about being a "wrestling" company anymore. Wrestling is simply something to do in between other forms of entertainment.
  • 15:32:22: I grew up on wrestling, but what I saw Sunday wasn't wrestling, with the exception of one match between two guys a combined 87 years old.
  • 16:07:39: So much for all that concern about the Phillies' lineup...
  • 16:12:37: RT @the_pc_doc: Trusting this FaceBook data center "architecture" stuff would be as crazy as a frog with goggles.
  • 18:42:17: Four games for Raffi Torres? Wow. That's overkill. I could have seen two for a hockey play gone wrong.
  • 18:43:35: Basically, they took two playoff games from Torres. That was a "fuck you" suspension. They're sticking his head on a pike.
  • 18:44:23: What really pisses me off is that Raffi Torres' hit got two playoff games, but the hit that caused Rule 48 (Cooke > Savard) got nothing.
  • 20:05:13: This is probably a bad time to say that I can't stand the University of Michigan's fight song. They've played it like 12 times already.
  • 20:08:00: Today's lesson: don't say something stupid to someone who's internet famous and has shitloads of fans. @oatmeal @shainagual
  • 20:37:26: I need a raincoat. I need a phone call. #countingcrows
  • 20:37:40: (But failing those, a blowjob wouldn't hurt) #notcountingcrows
  • 21:52:04: Ever know the feeling of wanting to go to Youtube, but your browser autocompletes to Youporn, and there's friends around? Yeah, me neither.
  • 22:03:54: Michigan scored again. I will now mute my TV so I don't have to hear that fucking fight song again.
  • 22:05:33: There's a kid welling up in tears over North Dakota losing. I know there's *nothing* else going on in that state, but come on.
  • 22:07:50: New rule: I will never date any woman that takes relationship advice from Cosmopolitan seriously. http://j.mp/eN6yUe
  • 22:33:45: RT @DanRyckert: Chu Chu Rocket is free right now on iPhone. Fans of the Dreamcast and/or puzzle games should grab it.

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Apr. 8th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
Holy shit, that's genuine advice from Cosmo? 0_o; I knew it wasn't exactly the pinnacle of intelligent writing, but dude.
Apr. 9th, 2011 12:05 am (UTC)
This seemed relevant to your interests: Mets
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