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From Twitter 04-09-2011

  • 00:07:38: Today, I had to seriously ask myself if I wanted the government to shut down over Planned Parenthood. I couldn't come to a clear answer.
  • 00:08:16: Ultimately, I think the answer is that it was never about PP's funding. It was about the GOP's disregard for womens' rights.
  • 00:09:07: I know that means "you would make soldiers not get pay for women!", but that's a strawman. Womens' rights are still a tenuous issue in 2011!
  • 00:09:57: I would understand the defunding of PP more if the GOP was cutting their stuff, too. But they're not. It's all ideological. Every item.
  • 00:10:54: So, if the GOP wants to play ideological hardball with women because it hurts liberals, fuck 'em.
  • 00:12:58: I guess these thoughts make me a poor libertarian, but I guess I've always been a social lib first, second and third. PP has a place.
  • 01:56:22: RT @strawbabiez: @superbus When I got pregnant, PP gave me all my options: parenthood, abortion, and adoption. They didn't pressure me o ...
  • 01:59:26: "I'm a neoconservative with a dash of paleoconservatism mixed in for good measure." Oh, FUCKING CHRIST...
  • 01:59:46: Related: What the fuck is a paleoconservative?
  • 09:49:02: Now that the Shutdown has been averted for another week, the GOP will commence eating itself from within. Good times.
  • 10:01:03: OK. Let me be completely honest. The C64x Ultimate model - a Commodore 64 w/ 4GB of RAM and a 1TB drive - interests me. http://j.mp/fkQRQ5
  • 10:02:55: To quote @SPBowley: This just in. College athletics are shady. http://j.mp/gnNwql
  • 10:03:45: RT @SPBowley: @superbus lol. beat me to it.
  • 10:24:41: RT @DarrenDreger: Best of luck to Lightning asst coach Wayne Fleming. Dealing with a brain tumor. Hope for the best. Good man.
  • 10:27:17: Been doing nothing but inline hockey for the past few weeks. Going back to ice is always interesting. #puttingonmyvisor
  • 10:29:50: Best way I can describe Dynasty Warriors 7: They took things that worked from the spinoffs and applied them to the main game.
  • 10:46:42: "Top 10 Video Game Chicks"? Go to your fucking room, Ure Paul. You're shit, and your site is shit. I won't even link it, you're so shit.
  • 10:47:50: This is why I'm dedicated to trying to change how this terrible industry works, one step at a time. Even if it doesn't lead to as many hits.
  • 10:50:29: And to top it off, you fucked up your images, to boot! You fucking scrub. You stupid, fucking scrub. God, I hope you don't get paid for this
  • 10:52:12: What pisses me off is that I got that link from an aggregator on @DToid. I can only hope the income justifies it for @nickchester.
  • 13:05:00: God, I hope so. RT @dmataconis: Are Social Conservatives The Budget Deal Losers? http://bit.ly/gaweYL
  • 13:10:12: RT @RepTKlarides: My sister just saw a bumper sticker that said 'well behaved women rarely make history'. Hallelujah!
  • 13:15:28: Looks like @JimSterling is one of the many people proving my "no, really, don't buy hardware on day of release" point. http://j.mp/hwYdE0
  • 13:15:42: RT @abuhatem: Libertarians should push the Bipartisan Debt Commission plan. Its not perfect but best shot for massive cuts with a bipart ...
  • 13:27:06: Apple. I'm an adult. I can make the conscious decision to purchase my own adult games. Go fuck yourselves. http://bit.ly/hqTIHT
  • 13:29:21: Good on Kyle Miller of RPGFan for making a second review of DAII. Sometimes, your opinion of a game changes. http://bit.ly/eOZoh3
  • 13:29:36: A perfect example of that would be NHL '11. I hated it for three months. Now? I couldn't see myself without it.
  • 13:30:35: In other news: if you fuckers haven't played Lunar yet, you're running out of excuses. http://bit.ly/fZgk7Q
  • 13:32:12: BREAKING NEWS: Ubisoft guy says Ubisoft is awesome and goodly and wonderful. THIS IS CRUCIAL TO THE INDUSTRY! http://j.mp/h8RVC0
  • 13:33:46: 4Kids responds to Tokyo TV's lawsuit by... filing for Chapter 11? Uh oh. http://j.mp/h49FG9
  • 13:36:59: So I guess Livejournal isn't saving drafts anymore? That's wonderful to find out now.
  • 13:57:20: RT @dmataconis: GOP Controlled Tennessee House Passes Anti-Evolution Bill http://bit.ly/gDqrTp
  • 14:46:55: http://www.mayonaka-tv.jp/ *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap* #fap
  • 14:49:17: Though, if this IS P4P... didn't they once specifically say that they weren't going to go that route?
  • 15:05:27: Fucking A, now I have to hear the Persona 4 OST. Now.
  • 22:14:03: Tomorrow, I am a Detroit Red Wings fan. #fuckthehawks
  • 23:15:54: So Alex Burrows is still a faggot? Roger that. Film at 11. #shutthefuckupandplay
  • 23:19:40: "But Chris! You root for the Canucks!" I like the Rangers too. Doesn't make Avery tolerable. Once a faggot, always a faggot.
  • 23:21:37: >:( RT @twelveicings: Dear Hawks, please win tomorrow.
  • 23:38:45: Liz is pissed and I just got a text. Vancouver must have scored.
  • 23:42:48: Vancouver won? Well, I guess that's a good omen going into the playoffs. I hope.

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