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From Twitter 04-10-2011

  • 10:03:02: .@Buster_ESPN notes that the Indians have won six straight. Three of those were against Seattle, so really, it's 4 1/2.
  • 10:07:26: Mother Jones had an interesting article on why we should never trust Mike Huckabee. @dmataconis analyzes. http://bit.ly/gGZZA1
  • 10:22:10: .@emuparadise has a strategy guide for all of the old-school Ultima games in convenient .pdf format. I just came.
  • 10:27:14: Next, the US Navy will look to develop newtypes, apparently. http://j.mp/gETPLS
  • 10:34:11: An outstanding look back at PSX-era RPG art by @oldgamereviewer at Thumb Culture. http://bit.ly/f0v2TR
  • 10:35:36: (Should be noted that it was around the PSX era when companies finally started using Anime artwork in America, unlike Phantasy Star II)
  • 10:50:03: RT @CMDeB: Rules: you can publicly attack the GOP establishment all day long on twitter but don't you dare attack a TP princess.
  • 13:34:07: Uh oh. Tiger's making a move at the Masters. #hesstillscary
  • 13:38:00: Detroit's up 4-2 on Chicago. I'm about ten minutes away from turning into a Dallas Stars fan.
  • 13:44:02: Someone explain to me why I can't watch the Red Wings v. Blackhawks game. I have a White Sox game on instead. The fuck?
  • 13:45:02: Hey! Maybe the NHL Network has this critical game o-- no, wait, they have the replay of yesterday's meaningless Canucks vs. Flames game.
  • 13:46:00: It should be noted that I bought Centre Ice SPECIFICALLY TO WATCH KEY OUT OF MARKET GAMES. AND NOW I GET BASEBALL.
  • 13:46:38: Don't get me wrong. I like baseball. I have MLB.tv. But DirecTV has enough stations. They can support Extra Innings and Centre Ice.
  • 13:47:23: And now it's 4-3, because Chicago scored. Golly, I wish I could have seen it. #fuckyounhl #nevergettingcentreiceagain
  • 13:57:04: C'mon, Detroit. One more minute. Gotta hold on. No points for the Blackhawks! #pleasedontletthemplayvancouver
  • 13:59:58: One down, one to go! Hopefully, they'll let me watch the Dallas game tonight. #fuckyounhl
  • 14:00:30: Ah shit, I forgot @kstar1785 is a 'Hawks fan. That's not good. We're too new of friends for this.
  • 14:57:20: RT @Spudlovr: Remember when Planned Parenthood crashed the market, wiped out half our 401Ks and took TARP money? Me neither. #tcot #teap ...
  • 15:27:42: I hope Tiger wins. There, I said it.
  • 16:06:13: Cleveland 5, Seattle 0. This is going to be one long fucking season.
  • 16:08:20: Remember the Steve Ballmer "Developers" remix? They should do one for Dynasty Warriors 7 and call it "Benevolence"
  • 16:21:52: Looks like Rory McIlroy is 21 after all.

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