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From Twitter 04-11-2011

  • 06:31:56: Thank you, BakaBT freeleech. My harddrive wails at 33GB downloads, but it's for Gundam 00. It'll get over it.
  • 06:47:06: Let's try something different, starting today.
  • 06:56:17: I was scared of the Blackhawks until I realized that in the biggest game of their season, they sent Corey Crawford out to tend goal.
  • 06:56:53: RT @SpaceDrakeCF: By the Godchrist, we really are a decaying nation. We get a little afraid of something? INVADE AND CRUSH IT as our fir ...
  • 07:01:15: As a Canucks fan, I can't even support Daniel Sedin for the Hart. He wasn't even the most valuable Canuck. That would be Ryan Kessler.
  • 07:48:22: RT @MikatheStripper: I have only come across a handful of Americans. And spoke to a guy who said that many Americans went back home afte ...
  • 08:10:54: If the US were honest, their response would be "OK, you have a point... but still..." (h/t: @JazzShaw) http://reut.rs/fPaIzi
  • 09:21:45: WOW. Roseland Apizza got a 70 in the latest restaurant inspections. Considering anything below an 80 is failing... http://bit.ly/gi3FWg
  • 10:41:55: RT @DevilOfSparda: lmao, @ValkyrieStudio's first words to me today. 'It's an anime, damnit!' #p4 #whycouldntyoubeadamngame
  • 11:56:16: RT @ValleyIndy: Report of fire on olivia street in derby.
  • 11:58:20: Go figure. The terrorist of Ivory Coast's biggest western defenders are conservative Christians. http://nyti.ms/egfu0N
  • 19:43:49: RT @Greytdog: RT @PanchoVillaAli: Idaho rejects rape exemption in abortion bill because "the hand of the almighty was at work" //fuck th ...
  • 21:03:44: Bruce Bowen has lost his mind. EC is a 4 team conf., NYK not 1 of them RT @Chris_Broussard: Bruce Bowen just picked NYK to reach EC Finals.
  • 21:32:41: Mental note: if there's anime on Netflix, it probably sucks. Then again, I guess Sekirei is just indicative of where the medium is.
  • 21:36:28: Let me sum up Sekirei: Boobs, boobs, chicks fighting, boobs, boobs, bad dubbing, and boobs. #boobs
  • 22:47:46: Kurt Angle should have taken some lessons from Adam Copeland.

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