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From Twitter 04-12-2011

  • 08:00:30: Wait, Seattle WON last night? Are you serious? #istherehope #watchuslosebytentonight
  • 08:02:52: Hey Gamestop! Pay attention. Wait, that's "secret" info... RT @GIBiz: HMV launches trade-in price checking app http://bit.ly/eW5Xjw
  • 08:05:08: A day after I post a Livejournal entry bemoaning the DDoS attacks and wondering if I should leave, the site is unreachable. Figures.
  • 08:17:14: Oh shit. Very few hip hop releases nowadays earn "buy on sight" notice from me, but @atmosphere is one of them.
  • 08:22:52: There's a Twitter user in British Columbia who likes both NPB AND Sunderland!? Oh yeah, @spartiecat is an instant follow.
  • 09:59:51: RT @MikatheStripper: Another classy love hotel in Osaka. http://twitpic.com/4k0ix5
  • 10:00:48: RT @DanRyckert: It's a shame that Edge was forced to retire, but I'm glad the docs caught it early enough. Sounds like he was at a high ...
  • 10:12:27: Would it be wrong to say the Humble Indie Bundle has jumped the shark? http://bit.ly/efuQJQ
  • 10:29:16: RT @gamespite: Re: everyone's Wii 2 speculation, no way will Nintendo launch a second system in 2011. Perhaps an E3 reveal and spring 20 ...
  • 10:30:28: God, Americans are really fucking stupid. http://bit.ly/e0U4DB
  • 11:24:32: I can at least choose not to fly. A six year old girl doesn't. I hope that TSA agent drinks herself to death. http://bit.ly/igClei
  • 11:34:31: "But Chris, the TSA agent is doing her job" If that's your job, kill yourself. Period. You are not a good person. death before dishonour.
  • 11:36:43: The @JimSterling SOCOM 4 review is out. This sounds about right. http://bit.ly/empxDw
  • 11:36:52: RT @revolver_: @superbus Death before touching CHILDREN like that. If someone who didn't have gloves and a uniform did that? Sex offende ...
  • 11:44:38: I forgot what it's like to get new followers who aren't web "entrepeneur" scumbags who follow like 10K people and then drop non-followers.
  • 11:53:46: Sushi for lunch. I'm such a fruitcake.
  • 11:55:56: Dear Sega: The horse has left the barn, and knocked up your mares. I think I'll play this solely to spite you. http://bit.ly/dTXEeq
  • 12:17:57: I expect @benkuchera to get flamed for this article by "hardcore" gamers. And therein lies the problem. http://bit.ly/hXIb1g
  • 12:18:41: The general gist when I've made similar complaints: "Stop bitching, fag. You just hate it because you suck". This is our medium. @benkuchera
  • 12:21:55: This problem will get worse before it gets better because game consumers have Stockholm Syndrome.They defend everything that is bad for them
  • 12:48:16: It's Jackie Robinson Day in my MLB '11 The Show season, and everyone in baseball is wearing 42. That's a BEAUTIFUL touch.
  • 12:48:44: They even thought to have the non-played games have that. The out of town scoreboard in KC has 42 for every pitcher slot. Awesome touch.
  • 13:41:14: THQ is defending Homefront as being "not a 71". Remember when 7/10 was a GOOD score? Me neither. http://bit.ly/eAEjfT
  • 13:42:22: I love how Zynga says this as if they have "designers", and not "desperate people we tell to steal the games of others" http://bit.ly/fCQHfM
  • 13:44:53: What gets me about the SOR remake: Sega knew about this a long time ago. There has been playable builds for years. Why now?
  • 14:13:58: MCCAIN is onboard with the "privacy bill of rights"? What's the catch? http://on.wsj.com/eIFJz7
  • 15:19:03: Holy SHIT. RT @SPBowley: Wow. Just... wow. RT @ballinisahabit: This is the single dumbest thing I have ever read. http://sbn.to/e9iJoL
  • 15:31:46: Just got something from Change.org telling me to sign a petition to have Ai Weiwei freed. Right, that's going to work fucking brilliantly.
  • 17:30:11: Meeting Place the on #Yelp: Having grown up in diners, I feel I have a discerning eye. Some are good, some aren't, a... http://bit.ly/gUSctO
  • 17:30:42: Haven't written much of anything in awhile. Confidence just hasn't been there. Maybe this will help. Probably won't.
  • 18:07:57: Are you serious, Sony? You put an online pass on fucking PATAPON? For $10, at that? That's half the price! Are you fucking serious?
  • 20:57:56: Things I learned from my latest Livejournal poll: most of my friends really don't give a shit about what I have to say.
  • 20:58:37: OK, seriously. If I see Brian Wilson and his fucking beard one more time...
  • 21:01:42: I was watching the Knicks play at the gym; they were up at the half. How are they doi-- oh, down by sixteen. That was fast.
  • 21:04:18: You know what I love? That post-workout stretch, where the damaged ligament in my groin goes *POP*.
  • 21:10:16: My first memories of a headfirst slide involved Ricky Henderson screwing up his shoulder with one in the 80s. Not surprised about Hamilton.
  • 21:11:19: Just saw an ad for "Something Borrowed", a chick flick. Seriously, do they just use the same script for these things and change the faces?
  • 21:34:27: The Opposing Thumbs blog over at Ars Technica is on fire this week. Great work by @benkuchera and crew.
  • 21:35:52: I notice no one gives Sony shit for their online pass scheme. Everyone flames THQ + EA, but Sony charges from $10 to $20 for online passes.
  • 22:22:11: It seems @edropple has resorted to calling me "scared" of him in NHL '11. Because he's beaten me so convincingly! #stilltwelveandfive
  • 22:22:59: Why I'm awesome: I can play other games, and STILL come back to whip people. At my leisure, at that. #stilltwelveandfive #teamfuzzycanuck

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