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From Twitter 04-13-2011

  • 09:03:21: Lost me at "check his phone" RT @TWlTTERWHALE: Check his phone. If all his text messages in his inbox are deleted... #NotAGoodBoyfriend.
  • 09:17:53: Dear Tiger Woods '12 fans: you are why we can't have nice things. http://bit.ly/dOIyo0
  • 09:24:35: RT @revolver_: @superbus jfc, "check his phone" - THIS IS WHY HE DOESN'T TELL YOU THINGS, GURL - BECAUSE YOU'RE A PARANOID SUSPICIOUS BITCH.
  • 09:44:43: Am I wrong for having a bit of trepidation about this Yars' Revenge remake?
  • 12:21:15: RT @BrainLemon: Hate losing a good follower and not knowing why. #unloved
  • 13:09:06: It still bothers me that Tiger '12's DLC is making so much money. You guys know it's useless in a year, right? You're throwing money away.
  • 13:37:06: Kobe dropping the word "faggot" is a problem now? Really? No one's heard the things said in a competitive game, have they?
  • 14:04:16: Big Content is pressuring countries to find loopholes to push forth rules that benefit them. New Zealand is the lastest http://bit.ly/i6dXc5
  • 14:22:23: As usual, the NHL is saying that reports of the Coyotes moving to WPG are false. "God, no. We would never, ever move a team to a good area"
  • 14:40:26: Take that, homophobes! RT @BreakingNews: Bill to limit gay adoptions fails in Illinois Senate - ChicagoTrib http://bit.ly/gv4lMf
  • 22:55:01: 2-0, Canucks over 'Hawks so far after 2. Just one message: fuck all the haters.
  • 22:56:02: RT @dmataconis: So Santorum is running for President? Four years ago he said that libertarians don't belong in the Republican tent so, t ...

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