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From Twitter 04-14-2011

  • 00:28:58: Someone remade Link's Awakening in RPG Maker. Quick! Download it before Nintendo sends the lawyers!!! http://bit.ly/eXDf5U (h/t @DHGFAileen)
  • 00:41:54: Fun thing to do: watch a Japanese baseball game and pick out all the gaijin.
  • 00:58:51: Dear Tokyo Broadcast System: I do not watch Japanese streams just to see Barack Obama's face *again*.
  • 13:35:00: RT @the_pc_doc: Why IE10 won't run on Vista ... because Microsoft doesn't want it to ... simple really.
  • 16:06:54: I'm getting blueballs from the NHL's teasing flirtation with Winnipeg. Either finish the job or give me a box of tissues, guys.
  • 16:07:25: Put it this way: if I had a woman tease me as long as the NHL has teased Canada, without a resolution, I'd be looking up escort services.
  • 16:08:31: Without even reading the article, I can say this: the JRPG genre just destroyed any idea this piece is putting forward. http://bit.ly/g5l5ug
  • 16:10:05: RT @SwearengenCD: No, I do not want to be your fucking neighbor in WhateverTheFuckVille.
  • 16:12:06: Considering the timing, I have to ask: is Sega trolling Streets of Rage fans? This reads like a "FUCK YOU". http://j.mp/eyfM6G
  • 16:14:23: So the rumours are saying an HD Nintendo console is coming that won't be a "gimmick". Because those two items destroyed the Wii.
  • 16:15:12: What was the last technologically impressive (for its time), classically playing Nintendo console? Hint: it got destroyed by PS2 + Xbox.
  • 16:41:43: Very small GET! today: Yakuza (the original), Enslaved, and Atelier Annie. Total cost: $40. Not bad. Almost bit on Majin.
  • 16:42:07: In other news, holy shit, am I bad at Front Mission.
  • 16:43:56: Ah, crap. Terrible news about Pedro Feliciano: he's done for the year. http://j.mp/hzRole
  • 17:04:00: WARNING! MISSING WHITE WOMAN! I notice those dead black kids in Newburgh disappeared fast... http://on.msnbc.com/hbyGBe
  • 17:06:31: It's always the same five Republicans who vote with Democrats on centrist issues. I call these "the sane ones". http://on.msnbc.com/hqow41
  • 18:27:22: Ok, so are the Mets this bad, or are the rockies this good?
  • 19:23:19: Woah, I didn't know @ringofhonor was following me! Come back, guys! You're the only wrestling fed that doesn't suck! :(
  • 19:24:49: (All you other guys that followed me, you can stay gone. Fuck you all. I don't do this #teamfollowback shit)
  • 19:57:54: So we're protesting Girl Scout cookies now? Because of palm oil? This is why we can't have nice things, liberals.
  • 20:17:12: There hasn't been one time where Carey Price has even LOOKED like giving up a goal so far. If this is what we're getting, Boston's done.
  • 20:21:41: Ultimately, HD will not matter for Nintendo's new system. Say it with me: It's The Games, Stupid.
  • 20:35:08: Things I learned today: the referees hate the Boston Bruins because they're from Canada.
  • 21:21:02: RT @gamingbus: Oh shit, son. Things are starting to pick up.
  • 21:23:29: I admit it: I want the Yankees to lose. Not because I really hate the team, but because I truly hate John Sterling.
  • 21:36:05: h/t to @kstar1785 for the article on the evolution of April O'Neil (TMNT). The first one was the hottest, of course. http://bit.ly/g5dqGm
  • 21:48:35: Let's just say that both U2 and music videos in general have come a long way since I Will Follow. http://youtu.be/g2BqLlVHlWA
  • 21:58:57: Massive pet peeve: websites that want strong passwords, yet FORBID shift characters like $, & and @. Are you kidding?
  • 22:02:55: RT @gamingbus: My first "news" post is up! Though really, I could post this entire thing seven times a day, and be accurate. http://bit. ...
  • 22:03:42: Though it should be noted: I am completely in "testing" mode at GB. Don't take things seriously yet, those posts will be gone at launch.
  • 22:24:34: A note to those commenting on @gamingbus) (Looking at @_revolver and @aitheron): I will require signups, so might as well do it now.
  • 22:26:39: RT @TheGoalieGuild: Excuse me while I smash this beer bottle over my face. VHS FAIL BY QUICK. My god it looks so disgustingly ugly. Plea ...

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