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From Twitter 04-15-2011

  • 10:15:11: RT @edropple: #KDE's crash reporting system is astonishingly douchey. I don't like being yelled at for trying to help you out by submitt ...
  • 11:43:09: The Paul Ryan budget is not revolutionary. It is the modern GOP to extreme levels: destroy the poor, but help the rich and defence.
  • 11:44:56: It's classic trickle down economics. Unfortunately, the only thing that trickles down is urine. This is not bipartisan.
  • 12:27:16: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Rites of spring: Torts and @NYP_Brooksie exchanging barbs today.
  • 12:28:16: RT @tech_gaming: Sorry, but $7.99 for a single DLC character is just plain ludicrous. #BlazBlue:ContinuumShift
  • 13:14:27: OK, I think I'm officially sick of the word "gamification" now. http://bit.ly/eFdNei
  • 13:23:10: What is @NYP_Brooksie going to do when John Tortorella's fired? Those two should take their act on the road.
  • 13:33:58: Wow. US censorship took another turn today. Some poker sites have been seized by the FBI, and the owners are indicted. http://bit.ly/hbjQJ8
  • 13:35:33: While I'm sure the people running these sites are scumbags, this must be stated: the domain seizures are unconstitutional. No due process.
  • 13:37:44: Soap no Mako-chan: Still a classic. #damnitbowenareyoutalkingabouthentaiagain #yesiamtalkingabouthentaiagain
  • 14:20:46: They're gonna fine Octopus throwers in Detroit? Really? Hey NHL, why don't you worry instead about the coming riots in Boston and Vancouver?
  • 15:29:14: So what did I miss re: Valve earlier"?
  • 15:36:09: Anyone who advocates massive government spending cuts without first explaining how they will balance the Federal Budget should be ignored.
  • 15:38:38: Nintendo went from intentionally shorting hardware stock to intentionally having a surplus on hardware. Impressive. http://bit.ly/eSzcWk
  • 16:03:20: RT @CMDeB: There are entirely too many parody accounts and most of them suck ass.
  • 16:24:48: My recommendation for NHL fans: in every arena, when the home team scores today, throw those plastic rats like they did in Florida.
  • 16:28:06: I mean, not just throw "a few" rats. I mean fucking FLOOD the ice like they did back then. http://youtu.be/Ky2QHT4UJ4M
  • 16:36:03: interesting post by the @EFF on Youtube's "copyright school". TL;DR: Big Content will beat you to a pulp. http://bit.ly/eO6l4B
  • 16:45:13: RT @dmataconis: We all agree that the Ryan Plan isn't going to actually become law right?
  • 17:10:54: Maybe I should write more about local issues. Then, SBNet would be updated more often.
  • 17:22:53: RT @captaincanuk: INSTALLING WINNIPEG JETS...
    ██████████████████████░░░ 80% DONE.
  • 17:24:08: "We're like six games in back of first, and it's only tax day. Quick! Sign an exceptionally stupid contract to give our fans a distraction!"
  • 17:36:56: And $8 DLC characters will be available on June 1. RT @Siliconera: >> New post: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Strikes 3DS And PSP On May 31
  • 18:04:53: I made some points about Derby High's lockdown from earlier. Includes a friendly retort to @ValleyIndy. http://bit.ly/eFLcT1
  • 18:05:21: On a positive note, this keeps my "three posts per year" pace from last year going! Yay me!
  • 18:21:02: I'm going to be 30 for the next 9 years. Not because I'm afraid of ageing, but because saying the extra syllable sucks.
  • 18:33:28: #sbnet Breaking The Future’s Will: What would appear at first glance to be a small news posting on our local Val... http://bit.ly/ea6xhC
  • 18:45:51: One positive thing about running my own site: I will determine how much we'll pay attention to SEO (read: fuck that noise).
  • 18:49:23: Remember: any asshole can optimize. But you lose the soul that makes people want to read your content when you do that.
  • 18:50:44: It should be noted that my most read work on sites I've written for had popular names in the title (ie: at DHGF, it was Call of Duty)
  • 18:54:47: I saw an early leak of the NBA's proposal to the union. It was two words: "Bend over". http://j.mp/gjrWlD
  • 18:56:12: Michael Pachter got what he wanted for once - a new Nintendo system - so obviously, he's giddy. http://j.mp/gW12cH
  • 19:02:46: .@jlist simply MUST start shipping Pocky from San Diego. I can't afford to pay double digits for shipping for POCKY.
  • 19:29:29: There's something very hot about this picture. @DToid. http://bit.ly/iehetd
  • 19:41:15: I love what Treyarch is saying here: "Parents! Our games are rated M! Raise your fucking kids!" http://j.mp/edRiEw
  • 19:43:01: Yeeeeep. The Rangers are an 8 seed, alright.
  • 19:56:55: Phil Hughes is on the DL for "dead arm". Translation: "He sucks, but we need the roster spot."
  • 19:57:22: Also, holy shit is Lenny Dykstra in serious trouble. http://es.pn/ewj6pF
  • 20:05:03: "We're going to find a definitive, universally known way to innovate". Am I alone in seeing a contradiction here? http://j.mp/i8QeYC
  • 20:06:36: I've never been a Legend of Heroes fan, and yet I almost bought Trails in the Sky yesterday. Proof that I love XSEED too much.
  • 20:30:15: I feel like I'm a failure because I don't care about the Gears 3 beta. Like I'm a bad gamer or something.
  • 21:13:51: Mike Donnally has the easiest job in Canada. Not even the PM gets 18,000 people to do his job for him.
  • 21:15:48: So who do I have to blow to get a CBC feed of this Canucks game?
  • 23:17:20: This year's Canucks team is different. When they need a goal, they take one. Chicago's in big trouble. #notthatiamcomplaining
  • 23:32:02: A note for certain people on my Twitter list: http://bit.ly/aBLbuU #gocanucksgo

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