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From Twitter 04-17-2011

  • 09:23:01: This post by my old colleague DJ Tatsujin shows us just how much things have changed from the games of my generation. http://bit.ly/goWWnN
  • 09:29:42: So in the span of 24 hours, my cousin (Greek side) died, my uncle's back in the hospital, and I have a seriously pinched nerve in my neck.
  • 09:31:37: Let's just say the day of rest is not off to a very restful start.
  • 10:07:52: You know what I want? The ability to filter people online by age. Then I can say "I'll only play 25 and up, with specific exceptions"
  • 16:34:52: Looking at the logos for GB. The person I hired is a genius. Definitely worth paying the money
  • 16:40:28: THIS is why I support PP funding RT @kelly_carlin: OMG. You must read these testimonials....I can't believe this shit. http://bit.ly/hlY9bp
  • 16:43:29: RT @gamingbus: I told you all that she was a genius.
  • 17:13:25: RT @CMDeB: The drive home always feels twice as long.
  • 21:24:34: Ever have a pulled muscle in your neck? It affects more of your life than you would think.
  • 21:34:50: Jesus Christ, I can't even get my socks off. Nor could I get my Under Armor shirt off at the rink. Either this is really bad, or I'm a pussy
  • 21:45:38: If the Chicago Blackhawks are the monkey on Vancouver's back, we're currently in the final scene of Monkey Shines.
  • 21:47:43: Dear Zipper Interactive: SOCOM 4 sucks a bag of cocks. The LAST thing you want to do is antagonize anyone dumb enough to buy it.
  • 21:48:13: Reference link for what they're doing with SOCOM 4 (tl;dr: FIFTEEN DOLLAR redeem code) http://bit.ly/fZHzLw
  • 21:54:56: .@Theman9361 What's sad is that this isn't the worst I've seen of just SOCOM games! Fireteam Bravo 3 (PSP) had a $20 online pass.
  • 21:57:06: Chauncey Billips got hurt? That's the season. :(
  • 22:05:30: RT @SexCigarsBooze: His cupcake must be abso-fucking-lutely fantastic » http://twitpic.com/4m75j5
  • 22:41:01: RT @johnhollinger: Iffy charge on Felton followed by the de rigeur bogus Bill Kennedy T. He was right by us; Felton didn't do anything.
  • 22:42:01: Typical. Bill Kennedy just baited Raymond Felton into that tech. It's the fucking PLAYOFFS. I shouldn't be looking at Bill Kennedy.
  • 22:43:07: *fap fap fap fap fap* #fap RT @rpgfancom: Threads of Fate on PSN this week! http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2011/1443.html http://bit.ly/fCzXEf
  • 23:07:43: Should be noted: OKC is up one. that one point? The technical foul called by that fucking hack Bill Kennedy.
  • 23:08:48: What did Raffi Torres do THIS time?
  • 23:28:55: Congratulations, Bill Kennedy and Steve Javie: you beat the Denver Nuggets.

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