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From Twitter 04-18-2011

  • 00:21:06: Chris Rooney (NHL referee in the Rangers/Capitals game) has a broken fibula. An American ref in the NHL playoffs, and his season's done...
  • 00:23:37: Red Hedgehog of @gamespite is a genius. Why? Because he uses my vaunted "3 fat + 1 skinny" strategy in NES Ice Hockey! http://bit.ly/ggxTLh
  • 00:40:17: Just saw the Raffi Torres hit. No excuse. He's gotta sit. He made ZERO attempt at the Puck. No defence for that hit.
  • 10:31:52: YES! Pica-Pic added the Zelda Game + Watch to their collection!
  • 10:53:50: So Ian Cummings is leaving EA for a new company. That's gonna hurt EA. Say what you will, but he was crucial to that franchise.
  • 10:54:21: Anyone saying it's a "good" thing because "Madden sucks, hur hur" is shortsighted and doesn't understand how things really work.
  • 10:57:26: Texas, the state that would rather secede than serve at the whim of the evil national government, wants federal aid. http://bit.ly/gdRik9
  • 11:08:44: EA's industry-killing mindset of less games, sequelitis and their horrid free to play model is working. We're fucked. http://bit.ly/hLENQW
  • 11:18:06: Why isn't my favicon taking hold... ;_;
  • 13:17:20: Let's make a deal, Minnesota. I'll consider Jesse Ventura for Vice President if you promise to never elect Michelle Bachmann again.
  • 13:20:30: Awww, Ben Paddon is stopping GJIAF indefinitely. So tragic! #notreally #kucherashouldbehappy
  • 13:37:25: Anyone know how to create a template in Wordpress?
  • 13:53:09: I have an idea: instead of buying Final Fantasy IV *AGAIN*, I'll pick up the new Legend of Heroes. I'm ambivalent on LoH, but it's XSEED!
  • 13:53:42: This accomplishes two things: 1) tells Squeenix to stop fucking around, and 2) tells XSEED "hey, y'all keep rockin' it!"
  • 13:54:27: As for Portal 2, if you buy the XBox 360 version, you are stupid and deserve what you get.
  • 14:04:27: ... What is going on with XSEED and bacon? Do I even want to know?
  • 14:07:36: RT @ValleyIndy: Tesla just blew by me in turn only lane near home depot in derby. #cttraffic
  • 14:46:33: I'm currently trying to dig into the actual theme coding for my site to customize things. Does the phrase "I'm in trouble" mean anything?
  • 14:56:39: RT @gamingbus: Just posted what a news piece at @gamingbus would actually look like. This is a legitimate news piece. http://j.mp/gNtlTx
  • 22:50:37: I guess I'll be scratching "be a pallbearer" off my bucket list tomorrow...
  • 23:10:39: RT @Psymin1: What does the fact that neither @superbus or @robsaucedo2500 - two of my favorite writers in their genres (cont) http://tl. ...
  • 23:21:50: Looks like @ValleyIndy shouted out my local post. I was wondering why I was suddenly getting comments!
  • 23:25:40: I'm burying my cousin tomorrow. I'm sorry if I don't care if the NHL is biased against your hockey team. PS: They're not, calm the fuck down
  • 23:43:54: No, Facebook. I will not allow a game to see everything about me just so I can see what it's about. Fuck off.
  • 23:48:36: "Hey, there's a broken HTML tag. I'll just log in and fix-- oh." Old habits. They die hard.

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