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From Twitter 04-19-2011

  • 16:25:44: Borderlands GOTY. $20 at gamestop. Do I bite, or hold until my pc is up?
  • 18:01:50: Had a better GET! than I even wanted today, thanks to hockey cheques. Four-for-two sale at Gamestop netted some goodies.
  • 18:02:16: "We have buy 2, get 2 free!" "OK... *checks* I don't think I'll be picking up anyt--AW FUCK DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 FOR $18"
  • 18:03:30: Scratch that. Devil SUMMONER 2. SUMMONER.
  • 18:05:48: Three new games, two at heavy discounts: LoH Trails in the Sky (reviewing), Yakuza 3 ($20) and Rune Factory 3 ($20 on @kstar1785's review)
  • 18:10:15: "I don't agree with what you're saying. I think you're just trying to stir the pot". Way to assume I'm basically trolling you.
  • 18:28:50: Used games: Devil Summoner 2, Drakengard, 1080 Avalanche (GC), Super Monkey Ball (GC). Good pickups.
  • 18:29:07: Oh, and A MOTHERFUCKING SATURN. Now, to find out how to make it play ISOs so I don't have to spend $60 on anything worth playing.
  • 18:51:45: So we're banned from the new PAX Dev, eh? That's OK. We'll find a way in. http://j.mp/fJcmVF
  • 19:32:50: Glad to see Sami Salo scoring before his next crippling injury.
  • 19:40:23: RT @gamingbus: What does everyone think of our news format? Like the separate news/analysis sections? For reference: http://j.mp/gNtlTx
  • 19:46:58: Maybe we should listen to the lead designer on Final Fantasy IV when he talks about how we're stifling creativity. http://bit.ly/hWdegF
  • 19:51:59: RT @clingermangw: Want to know how to have the success of Minecraft? Make the game you want to make and have fun doing it! http://bit.l ...
  • 19:54:19: Somehow, this Vancouver game is still tied. So far, they took the Hawks' best shot. If they get the next goal, CHI's in trouble.
  • 20:03:34: Knicks are done. #stat
  • 20:06:48: OK, maybe the Knicks aren't done. #melo
  • 20:15:39: Can someone explain to me why the Knicks won't knock the worst free throw shooting guard in the NBA on his ass?
  • 20:21:03: Oh yeah, that's right. Vancouver's playing the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Huh.
  • 20:32:27: RT @johnhollinger: They know they're allowed to put Fields back in, right?
  • 20:32:58: Typical Knicks. They needed a stop, and gave up a dunk. And why is Bill Walker in this game?
  • 20:35:39: Roger Mason and Jarred Jefferies are on the floor in the last minute down one!? And JEFFERIES hits the key shot!? Who fouled out!?
  • 20:40:37: Jared Jeffries = The New Charles Smith.
  • 20:42:47: These past two possessions, including players not knowing to foul, prove that Mike D'Antoni is not the coach to take the Knicks forward.
  • 20:44:18: Jared Jeffries' body language during the last play: "I got the ball! I got the ball! Wait, I got the ball!?"
  • 20:44:40: RT @jlist: iMac supplies constrained, indicating possible refresh soon http://moe.vg/hC5Zsh <- so don't buy one yet
  • 20:56:38: $8m in venture capital funding for a DRM maker who isn't very good at making DRM. Whoops. http://j.mp/gGJ1Aj
  • 21:04:30: WHY. IS. LUONGO. STILL. IN. THIS. GAME.
  • 23:23:34: Are you fucking kidding me? This Kings game is TIED?

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Apr. 20th, 2011 08:30 pm (UTC)
lol Knicks
They're exceeding expectations for putting the Celtics on the run like that. I popped in at the end to watch with my suitemate and was like "how is this happening a second time?"

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