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From Twitter 04-21-2011

  • 00:08:52: Phoenix HAD to win a faceoff. They sent out Kyle Turris. That says it all.
  • 00:10:15: My deepest condolences to the diehard fan of the Phoenix Coyotes, who's team is playing their last home game. I'm sorry, Dave.
  • 00:10:39: .... OK, moment of silence is over. Don't let the door hit your asses on the way back to Winnipeg.
  • 00:11:51: I think it's telling that half the shirts I see in the stands are Wings jerseys. That wouldn't happen in a hockey market. The Yotes are dead
  • 00:14:10: I do kinda feel sorry for Phoenix. Their only other teams are the Diamondbacks (struggling) and the Suns (Robert Sarver). It sucks for them.
  • 00:15:39: What's worst for anyone who cares about the Coyotes is that I can easily see that team doing what the Avalanche did when they left Quebec.
  • 00:16:35: But it looks like the Coyotes are likely dead. One down. Now, to deal with the Hurricanes and those teams in Florida.
  • 00:18:28: Wait, FOUR teams left to go. Though Atlanta's all but gone.
  • 00:29:47: RT @kstar1785: I'm really regretting this Threads of Fate purchase, although, I love Mint, this game has not aged well at all.
  • 05:15:48: For Mike Nelson's sake, I will assume this review got butchered by editing and marketing. http://bit.ly/gZTLHC
  • 05:19:05: Did the Ghost Hunters episode from Derby finally air? Thank goodness.
  • 14:57:00: I'm having doubts about my review system I'm planing to use. Ai and I can use it well, but I don't trust anyone I hire to use it right.
  • 15:08:02: Just about lost patience with @lanzacapri last night. Don't ship me a menu that says you're open until 1 then tell me at 10 you're closed.
  • 15:08:41: This, in addition to shipping me a menu in Derby telling me "we deliver!", then telling me you have a 3 mile delivery radius. @lanzacapri
  • 15:09:07: I guess if I want a pizza, I'll just have to stick to the 64 other options in the Valley. Or the two (Santini's, Carmines) I already use.
  • 15:15:36: I'm not one to politic on family issues - it's NOMB - but I have to ask: were Tony Stafferi's kids educated in the public school system?
  • 15:16:44: The Coyotes moving to Winnipeg does expose one big problem the Jets would have: bringing in free agents. http://bit.ly/fg4ytm
  • 15:37:49: So let me get this straight: PSN could be down for "a few" DAYS? The 360 supporters I know just got a big "told 'ya!" on me.
  • 15:39:39: "We'll let you know what the cause of the outage is" = "It's a fucking DDoS. That's obvious. But corporate has my family. Oh God, Alice!!!"
  • 15:41:43: To be fair, it COULD be intergration with Steamworks (and the flood of MK + Portal players) that is causing the issue.
  • 15:43:02: Oh, Valve. Everytime I try to defend you, you kick me in the balls. http://bit.ly/gX9Ry6
  • 15:56:40: RT @derbynecklibrar: EFFECTING SOCIAL CHANGE will be the topic when THE HARRIET BEECHER STOWE CENTER & THE MARK TWAIN HOUSE AND MUSEUM.. ...
  • 15:57:01: Ah shit, that's about when I launch. Not a good time for a lunchtime program, @derbynecklibrary. :(
  • 16:06:59: RT @joemanaco: Pay with a tweet (!!!) and get the full version of Temple Of Tangram for free: http://bit.ly/fe5CXA (Windows, Mac OS X, L ...
  • 16:25:23: Ah, shit. RT @jperlow: Ubuntu Linux 11.04's Target Audience: Casual Windows Users http://is.gd/3PrIuy by @sjvn | ZDNet
  • 17:58:22: RT @TheDCD: Looks like Sony shut down their customer service line too. COMPLETELY. Way to help out new buyers of your system and curre ...
  • 18:30:27: Jarkko Ruutu got a game suspension for an open ice, clean hit. Fuck it. Just turn the NHL into roller hockey.
  • 19:23:58: RT @edropple: If @superbus and I leave now we can get to Montreal and replace Claude Julien with a potato before they take their flight ...
  • 19:37:51: At this point, @edropple is going to have a coronary.
  • 19:40:46: RT @edropple: I went out to get my phone from the car, I get back, it's 3-3. I detour from the couch to get the oxygen tank
  • 20:27:17: Chris Kelly!?
  • 20:38:37: As all good Canadians should be! :D RT @twelveicings: I'm on a train full of people going to the Canucks game.
  • 21:27:47: "I accidentally extended my middle finger" is the new "I didn't mean to throw at his head".
  • 21:37:29: RT @TheGoalieGuild: This is unacceptable goaltending from Luongo. He is doing a lot of guessing. I know two were screens but his body la ...
  • 21:38:17: Typical Luongo. The moment things turn to shit, he gives up.
  • 21:42:40: You know what? I don't care how long he's signed. I'd start Schneider in Game 6. This is pathetic.

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