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From Twitter 04-22-2011

  • 01:56:02: I see @Maas_Effect changed her Twitter name. This is really fucking confusing. XD
  • 02:05:38: I'd like to know how people unfollow me. Do people actually unfollow me consciously, or do they use mass-unfollowers like Tweepi?
  • 02:25:20: My fiancee and I are using Gundam terms in reference to sex. No wonder I'm marrying this chick. XD
  • 13:25:01: Nice to see Chrono Trigger's PS1 iteration possibly ported to the PSN, but frankly, I'd rather they finally give their fans a bone.
  • 13:26:02: The DS version didn't sell well because it was a FULL ($40) priced port of the SNES game with not many changes. Squeenix did that themselves
  • 13:26:45: So for them to say "no sequel because you didn't buy the original" is either incompetent or disingenuous. I say a little of both.
  • 13:39:29: Amazing piece by Matt Thorn regarding how TokyoPop treated translators. This is why I shed no tears for them. http://bit.ly/fJMA7E
  • 13:41:33: Sorry, Stuart Levy, you're not a hero. Stop talking like one. You abused clueless otaku to build an empire. You're a weeaboo PT Barnum.
  • 14:04:28: RT @twelveicings: Luongo deserved a Vezina nomination. ....Only because it has nothing to do with postseason play.
  • 14:15:30: We all want to know what's happening with the PSN. Hackers? Steamworks? But Sony won't tell us. It won't matter. They won't lose a dime.
  • 14:17:06: All three hardware companies treat their fans with abject disdain. They know they can because their fans have Stockholm Syndrome.
  • 14:17:56: Sony has even closed down all avenues of support, including the phone. What does that tell someone who DOESN'T read games sites?
  • 14:20:50: RT @DHGFMadson: @superbus At the very LEAST they should put something in their automated message that says they are aware of the problem...
  • 14:48:12: Dear iBus: It's 2011. Do I *REALLY* have to do all these steps to be able to input Japanese characters? Fuck Chinese. #linux
  • 14:49:06: I see the news on Evgeni Nabokov is behind Newsday's paywall. That's OK, I'll wait to get it from somewhere else.
  • 14:51:36: BREAKING: Xbox Live servers DDoS'd by angry PSN users logging into the service. #notreally #butwouldntitberad
  • 14:54:25: In honour of the PSN being down for maintehackers, I will break out a PS1 game. Today's pick: Legend of Mana.
  • 14:57:16: "Let's see what this menu does... oh! It opens a massive FMV! Well, then."
  • 15:00:44: "Remember me! Need me! I can provide you with everything! I am love." I had a girlfriend like this once. #thencametherestrainingorder
  • 15:04:08: You can tell game makers didn't quite "get" analogue controls back when Legend of Mana came about. I have to press circle to sprint? Really?
  • 15:11:58: So far, this seems like a typical PS1 era RPG: great ideas and exalted charm, limited by a broken interface and inflated hour requirements.
  • 15:17:23: RT @EFF: This week in #privacy - how the big companies compare on protecting user
    data. https://eff.org/r.33V
  • 15:27:51: Alright, I have an NPC and what appears to be a quest! ... Now what? #legendofmana
  • 15:40:25: Even though the PSN's down, Sony is still able to show advertisements for their products in the upper right of the XMB. Inventive.
  • 16:18:50: BREAKING NEWS: Former Apple games guy says Apple games are awesome, and handhelds suck. Seriously, guys? http://bit.ly/gGHpl6
  • 16:22:57: This is why I can't vote for Mitt Romney. How dare he try to bring about universal health care!? SOCIALIST! http://onion.com/ewuaG1
  • 16:24:01: In other Sony news, they say that in the US, the Go will continue. Either they're trolling the press, or they're dumber than I thought.
  • 16:28:41: Meanwhile, Tom in Spokane, WA is still fucked. RT @BreakingNews: Lindsay Lohan's felony grand theft charge downgraded to a misdemeanor
  • 16:29:27: As much as it shouldn't be, Daniel Sedin will win the Hart, based on "he had good points, and his team was good". #thepressisdumb
  • 16:29:56: Meanwhile, Henrik Lundqvist won't be able to show up because he'll still be on an IV for exhaustion after starting 33 straight games.
  • 16:32:53: Remember when VH1 had music? Me neither. RT @Bob_the_Baker: You must be joking. http://twitpic.com/4o5h1m
  • 17:01:37: RT @cnshards: Oh joy they're trying to make Good Friday a federal holiday. Because Christians don't have enough of those.
  • 18:59:37: Considering buying a Master System. Someone please talk me out of such an obviously stupid decision.
  • 19:21:18: Here is the game that made me buy a PS2 10 years ago. http://yfrog.com/h6x02cej
  • 19:47:39: Decided against the Master System. Maybe I'll get one when I'm not starting a new business. $40 is almost a logo payment installment!
  • 20:25:53: Its as simple as this, GOP: as an independent voter, the only prayer you have of me voting for you in '12 is if you nominate Gary Johnson.
  • 21:15:41: If this is indeed true, and doesn't include Online Pass, it's another example of how fucked sports gaming is nowadays. http://bit.ly/h3Xa2m
  • 21:27:28: Trying to get used to this new visor on my face. Just sitting at my computer I hate it. Imagine when I'm skating with it.

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Apr. 23rd, 2011 11:54 am (UTC)
Man, I find it really weird that Good Friday is not a government holiday in AMURIKA, Land of the CHRISTIAN NATION, but is in Canada, where for the most part, people don't give a fuck.
Apr. 23rd, 2011 05:56 pm (UTC)
Good Friday is a holiday in the sense that I believe schools are off, but private businesses in this country disregard the majority of our holidays except for the really big ones (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) Then it's right back to work.
Apr. 23rd, 2011 01:52 pm (UTC)
There was something [in comic strips] for everyone, and fierce competition kept quality high. Successful artists were well paid, and were even celebrities. It’s only natural that some people tried to turn that popularity to profit.

Way to wear those rose-colored glasses, bub.

You can tell game makers didn't quite "get" analogue controls back when Legend of Mana came about. I have to press circle to sprint? Really?

It wasn't so much that they didn't get it, it was largely the fact that Sony didn't include analogue sticks in its original Playstation controller design. Sure, you could restrict your game to those who had DualShocks, but that'd just restrict your market. Even late PSX games like FFIX were playable with just the digital pad.

(Speaking of which, Sony still has one of the worst digital pads that I've ever used.)
Apr. 23rd, 2011 01:54 pm (UTC)
Considering buying a Master System. Someone please talk me out of such an obviously stupid decision.

You should totally buy an Uzebox instead.
Apr. 23rd, 2011 05:59 pm (UTC)
Dude, if I'm going to be picking up weird shit like that, I might as well pick up one of those FC Twins that they had all over the place. It's cheap Chinese crap, the controllers are terrible for NES games, and it doesn't support anything decent, but *it plays all three games*!

Game Xchange had the SMS for $40. I passed.
Apr. 23rd, 2011 05:54 pm (UTC)
Actually, Blacken had a different explanation: they didn't come out with the APIs for analogue controls until well after the Dualshock came about.
Apr. 23rd, 2011 09:28 pm (UTC)
I'd need a source on that one. It's not like the DualShocks weren't being used so much as they weren't being required except for titles (like Ape Escape) that existed largely to sell them.
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