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From Twitter 04-23-2011

  • 01:41:08: RT @bridgetamc: how did kanye west go from "jesus walks with me" to "i'm a motherfucking monster" ? #thoughtswhilerunningwithmyipod
  • 01:58:52: That's strange... PSN is down, but I'm able to download updates. Strange indeed. (And stranger that I can't use my MLB.tv trial)
  • 02:08:57: RT @gamingbus: "...The game media needs desperately to cut the cord from publishers" - And hence, our business model is explained by som ...
  • 02:12:49: RT @gamingbus: The article I got that quote from - and the Bill Harris post he references - is a fetching read by Bill Abner. http://bit ...
  • 13:10:39: RT @JimSterling: To those people who think the hacking is a lie/publicity stung - being hacked is BAD PR, not GOOD PR. I wouldn't make t ...
  • 13:12:25: No, Rich Rodriguez. Going to Michigan wasn't a "mistake". It's called "karma". http://es.pn/gdR53x
  • 13:50:49: The word I'm hearing is that someone got into the dev channel for Sony, which caused Sony to lock the entire network down to purge things.
  • 13:51:26: Did you support the Tea Party because of "fiscal" issues? Then you deserved what you got, you dumb fuck. #calledit http://bit.ly/ezjWs7
  • 14:07:15: About this EA DLC pass: Sony did something similar with MLB The Show. It was called making their retro pack available for '11. For free.
  • 14:07:31: It's fucked up that I'm defending Sony, but in this case, it's warranted that they didn't totally fuck over their customers.
  • 14:27:49: Good for Donald Brashear trying MMA! At least there, he won't be able to fight middleweights. http://j.mp/g0939P
  • 14:34:27: I guess Tortorella got Stephen Walkolm confused with Larry Brooks.
  • 14:49:50: SHIT! Mik Green just took one off the dome. Even to a dickhead like that, you hate to see it.
  • 15:42:29: RT @David2SLY: For what is mainly a free service that Sony provides to last this long without any serious problems, not bad.
  • 15:49:48: RT @jlist: Food Pyramid Pizza http://twitpic.com/4ofdnf
  • 22:11:34: Maybe now, @edropple will shut the fuck up about the officials.
  • 22:56:03: The more I come here, the more I like it. (@ Archie Moore's) http://4sq.com/h7pgfB
  • 23:51:43: Can't wait for some macho asshole to justify this shit, even with a joke. "But... you save the alcohol! Man code!" http://bit.ly/gCJEHC

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