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From Twitter 04-24-2011

  • 01:16:10: I will say this: Sony's first move should be to give reparations to anyone subscribed to DC Universe Online. That $60+ game is now useless.
  • 01:20:21: "We take no joy in the PSN being down. That said, Xbox Live is up and peachy!" Talk about a PR fuck you. http://bit.ly/eXyZHy
  • 13:41:50: Couldn't wait one day? Really?RT @dmataconis: Billy Graham’s Son Questions Obama’s Christianity, On Easter Sunday http://bit.ly/dUYoFA
  • 13:48:50: Whatever it is I caught, it's fucking me up. Maybe this is Jesus punishing me for not being Christian or something.
  • 13:55:50: An NHL playoff elimination game (Predators vs. Ducks) will not be available for anyone not on Centre Ice. That's inexcusable. Bad NHL. Bad.
  • 13:56:47: Before the Flyers game, it seems Rafa Nadal has won Sportsman of the Year. He was good, but they got it wrong. it had to be Lionel Messi.
  • 13:58:45: Also, what the fuck was Kobe Bryant doing on the list? He wasn't even the most valuable Laker!
  • 14:04:44: Chris Pronger is back for the Flyers. I'm not saying he's a game changer, but I think Thomas Vanek shit his pants.
  • 14:08:29: Phantasy Star Online 2 over the Sega Ages versions of the older games! Never! #seewhatididthere
  • 14:12:15: Michael Leighton starting for the Flyers tonight. Mistake. Should have been Boucher.
  • 14:25:11: RT @BrainLemon: The backup goalie after Leighton is actually just a cardboard goalie cutout.
  • 14:26:23: Told 'ya Leighton was a mistake. Bad angle on that shot, and he was too deep.
  • 15:08:53: I take no joy in being right about Leighton. Laviolette panicked. He should have went with Boucher.
  • 15:11:25: Really, Michael Leighton should never have dressed for this series. He played one (1) game all year. Bobrovski got fucked.
  • 15:12:18: Though I have to admit: @thegoalieguild will surely have some entertaining things to say about this gong show.
  • 15:26:16: Honestly? I hope Philly wins this game. Boucher is better than the way he's been treated.
  • 15:30:46: RT @DownGoesBrown: At what point do we all need to stage an intervention for the Flyers about goaltending? "I can fix this on my own..." ...
  • 15:31:05: RT @TheGoalieGuild: Boucher is in?? Bahaha. My lord, Lavi. Stop treating your goalies like rats in a maze. Veteran goalies know what it ...
  • 15:32:27: And look at that, the Knicks are down by 10 early against the Celtics. Sadly, this was expected.
  • 15:41:10: Philly ties the game. What's sad is that the press will credit Laviolette for his change. the change shouldn't have had the chance to happen
  • 15:51:03: Look at Boucher. Makes a mistake with the giveaway, makes a couple stops, then points and goes "it's on me". That's a veteran.
  • 16:50:57: RT @JVB: I can't wait for this series to end. Though I'm a true Knicks fan, I can't help but be embarrassed by their lack of intensity.
  • 16:51:43: The Buffalo Sabres are to the Flyers what the Undertaker was to Shawn Michaels: screaming "STAY DOWN!!!!" while they struggle back up.
  • 17:03:03: Chauncey Billups looks a lot like a coach on the Knicks bench. That would be outstanding if he wasn't the team's starting point guard.
  • 17:07:18: Anyone surprised by the Knicks (likely) getting swept: they have Roger Mason taking key, crunch-time shots. What did you expect?
  • 17:11:18: Mike Milbury might be the dumbest Ivy-educated person I've ever seen.
  • 17:12:31: Doesn't count. Milbury got in on actual merit. RT @edropple Let me introduce you to one G. W. Bush.
  • 17:28:14: Now, hopefully Laviolette will not do anything stupid like benching Boucher again. #flyers
  • 18:18:05: Holy shit, they're starting Schneider? Either Luongo's hurt, they're panicking, or they just all faith in their former Captain.
  • 18:18:33: I know I did say "start Schneider" in game 6, but there's a reason I'm just a linesman and not an NHL head coach: I say stupid shit.
  • 18:27:08: RT @DownGoesBrown: What is it with teams panicking when it comes to goalies in the playoffs? One or two bad games and you throw out a wh ...
  • 18:32:16: RT @DownGoesBrown: Sedins were lousy the last two games. Why not drop them to fourth line while we're panicking over all-stars?
  • 20:50:45: the Vancouver Canucks now depend on a completely selfish, self-absorbed primadonna to shut down the defending Champs. Just kill me.
  • 20:52:02: And yes, if your former captain is not injured, but sitting in the dressing room moping, he's a self absorbed, selfish asshole.
  • 21:03:56: I said thsi right after the penalty shot: Schneider has a strained hip flexor. I know that injury all too well. He's done for the series.
  • 21:26:48: My overtime pick: me, beginning smoking.
  • 21:48:19: At times like this, I really, REALLY miss Manny Malhotra. #canucks
  • 21:52:34: Today is a good day for people who like the Hawks and hate the Canucks because their own teams suck.
  • 21:54:10: On the positive side, if the Blackhawks win, it's good for @kstar1785 (Hawks) fan and @Psymin1 (he gets Hawks vs. Wings).
  • 22:24:12: Canucks fans have had too much to deal with over the years. They don't need "biggest playoff choke in sports history" as well.
  • 22:33:59: Every time I think I've outgrown getting involved in rooting for specific teams, I get sucked back in. God damnit.
  • 22:37:35: so Schneider can play Tuesday if necessary. Sorry, but you dance with who brought you. And Luongo - the bitch that he is - brought Vancouver
  • 22:42:17: I need to remember that @twelveicings hates the Canucks for largely the same reason that I hate the Yankees (ie: fans are FUCKING RETARDED)
  • 22:48:49: Seeing a site for Christian Mingle, a Christian dating site. What's the point? When I used to do personals, I wanted pussy.
  • 22:57:15: Dear Sony: probably not brilliant to advertise SOCOM until your network comes back up.
  • 23:13:21: Phil Jackson: "Kobe, you either come out of this game, or I'll write another book about you."
  • 23:16:49: There it is! The Kobe Bryant patented "my teammates are fucking morons" look! I haven't seen that since the Smush Parker incident in 2007!

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