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From Twitter 04-25-2011

  • 00:43:37: From the show's website: "Boobies for the win!" Stay classy, Sekirei.
  • 01:12:25: The Nashville Predators Guide To Playoff Success: 1) Avoid the Red Wings. 2 - 26) See step 1.
  • 03:05:40: MY WII HAS BEEN POWERED UP. I REPEAT: MY WII HAS BEEN POWERED UP. First time since 2009, I think.
  • 03:05:52: However, it should be noted that I booted it up to play a Gamecube game.
  • 05:01:26: RT @GMCT: Crash on Route 110 in Stratford near Sikorsky -- 2 people are dead. The road is expected to be closed until at least 8AM.
  • 05:02:53: Quick #wordpress question: Is there a plugin (I don't see one on the WP site) that allows me to incorporate OAuth? @edropple @lukekarrys
  • 05:05:44: Dear Adobe: Document Viewer - the default program for PDFs in Ubuntu - remembers my last page on PDFs. Why doesn't Reader? You suck.
  • 06:28:40: RT @nickgillespie: Saw Colin Powell at Union Station this morning. Unlike Wesley Clark from a few weeks back, he didn't jump any lines t ...
  • 06:32:10: "Hey, I'm going shopping in a bit. You want fruit?" "No, I want some fucking Crunch Berries. And anything with marshmellows!" #priorities
  • 16:05:12: RT @DHGFMarkB: I find it amusing that people responding to the PSN updates positively are saying things about getting rid of pirates and ...
  • 16:06:38: If you're one of the few people who hasn't played Chrono Trigger: First, you're a moron. Second, http://fb.me/PbfwqDUC
  • 16:16:05: Hey, someone made my argument for letting Mike D'Antoni go! Let's see, it was... ah fuck, it was Stephen A. Smith... http://es.pn/iiNKiM
  • 16:23:46: PC update: I don't know what's wrong now. I'm thinking there's a short, but I don't know where. I - a pro - will have to bring it in.
  • 16:24:03: I hate it, but I don't have the kind of test bed that will allow me to determine the exact location of an electrical short.
  • 16:28:47: I've been hearing for a few days that it was the dev network's security that caused the PSN downtime. I might be right. http://bit.ly/g0dDOL
  • 16:31:12: For clarification: he was the one that told me. Sorry, I've been sick. :P RT @edropple: @superbus _You_ might be right? :p
  • 16:32:23: Top class journalism over at IGN. Wow. What a bunch of tossers. http://bit.ly/i9VlWF
  • 16:43:39: Time for me to stop playing games I want to play (Yakuza) and play games I have to play (Legend of Heroes)
  • 17:09:39: WOAH. RT @CNBC: Judge Rules NFL Lockout To Be Lifted - Judge Rules In Favor Of NFL Players #NFL
  • 17:17:58: A look at recent child porn raids via unsecured WiFI networks. http://bit.ly/g3SY4O And here's why it's a bad thing: http://bit.ly/ghC2yR
  • 17:48:31: I once had serious questions about 9/11 and how it happened. Then something happened: I researched it, and found out I was wrong.
  • 17:49:05: Admitting your wrong is a fundamental part of being an adult. Take that to heart, fringers.
  • 18:07:01: Oh joy, my PSP needs to update. Wake me when it's over. This is not a good week for Sony.
  • 18:17:32: I love the intros to modern Japanese games. They let me get work done while they roll.
  • 18:57:17: Good job by JR in dissecting Roloson's weird shooting, but I have another take: I learned to shoot left handed in goal because I shoot right
  • 19:00:06: Of course, even with that, I never handled the puck unless I absolutely had to. I'm old school: I stayed in the damn crease.
  • 19:12:12: I guess we're counting who the leading playoff scorer among Newfoundland natives is. I didn't know Newfies could count. #lowblow
  • 19:18:58: They need to hire a hockey consultant for these Subaru Forrester commercials. Four kids and a goalie? They'd be puking on the ice!
  • 19:27:58: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Is it wrong to want to give Chris Connor a hug? Glad Dan Bylsma did while I was typing the question.
  • 20:54:56: I can't wait until Legends of Heroes: Tutorials In The Sky picks up.
  • 21:17:41: Escort missions? In MY JRPGs!? It's more likely than you think! #trailsinthesky #tutorialsinthesky
  • 22:35:03: Joe Thornton wouldn't shoot? Who'da thunk it?
  • 23:14:48: Now, THIS is a JRPG. "Easy battle, easy battle, eas-- HOLY SHIT I DIED IN THREE HITS" I mean, wow. SO much for that chest...
  • 23:22:32: After four hours, my impressions on LoH: TiTS are this: it's generic, but that's not really a bad game. Well crafted JRPG.
  • 23:34:52: That hit was a five minute charge on McGinn!?!?!? Are you serious!? That was a minor, at best. Awful.

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