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From Twitter 04-26-2011

  • 03:52:20: All of this is because of a forced, mandatory "transition" to the new Apps. For shit I don't use, I now have everything tied to one account.
  • 03:52:44: This also means I can't have four domains of email open. I have one account, and if I log into another one, I have to switch *EVERYTHING8
  • 03:54:46: This really fucks with Reader and other apps, because it logs me out of them whenever I switch accounts.
  • 04:27:43: Jerry Holkins explains succinctly why the "it's free, so stop bitching" argument about the PSN is, plainly, bullshit. http://bit.ly/gDOVXJ
  • 05:36:39: Hilarious commercials: Gangan Gansoku, the Japanese version of a "scan my PC" site. They just BLATANTLY stole it from Americans.
  • 15:01:42: Here's my question, Sony: you're saying people have my personal data. This was a dev network breach. Did all developers have my data?
  • 15:02:02: If that's the case, your whole setup is a sham and a failure on every single level.
  • 15:08:46: It's been a week, and Sony says someone *MIGHT* have my credit card information. I want two things: a definite y/n, and how they got it.
  • 15:09:27: I ask because if my credit card information was stored in plain text on their servers, and was accessible in the way I think it was...
  • 15:10:18: RT @jperlow: @superbus I'm thinking SONY needs a Yukio Edano
  • 15:47:25: RT @gamingbus: Maybe I should just launch. "We don't have anything really ready yet and I'm still figuring out menus, but HOLY SHIT SONY"
  • 15:54:11: It should be noted: when you buy things on the "shitty" Wii? You input your card every time. Annoying? Yes. But there's no data to take.
  • 16:03:14: I need to make this clear: IT IS NOT CONFIRMED THAT CREDIT CARD INFORMATION WAS STOLEN (and it probably wasn't). STOP PANICKING.
  • 16:36:14: If this is true, it's a WORSE violation of customer trust. RT @kweenie: Whoa whoa whoa. Some banks knew about this on Friday? Mind=blown.
  • 16:36:37: FTFY RT @Reuters: FLASH: Ron Paul announces irrelevant bid for 2012 Republican presidential nomination
  • 16:53:29: Can't we quarantine Michael Bay? RT @leighalexander: and yet this is still the worst news of the day http://bit.ly/f2yZKI
  • 16:54:45: RT @DanRyckert: We're at the point where Sony can't make up for this clusterfuck by giving everyone a free copy of Joe Danger.
  • 19:00:22: Wow, did Greg Miller actually write something useful and competent for once? Full props, I guess. http://go.ign.com/fTry6b
  • 19:02:43: Ultimately, Sony's tin ear to their customers will not affect them. They held back because they could. It won't hurt them one iota.
  • 19:03:15: when I say it won't hurt them, it won't hurt in the one area that matters: in the wallet. Any money they lose is ultimately insignificant.
  • 19:03:39: Yes, their stock price is down, but speculators will bring it right back up again. Everything else will hold steady.
  • 19:04:10: As for gamers, if Sony gives them a useful trinket, all will be forgiven, even if they make no other changes to their infrastructure.
  • 19:05:34: Dear Mike Gillis: your bitching about the officials is transparent and pathetic. You are distracting. Shut the fuck up.
  • 19:18:38: The NIMBYs strike again. I really hate the Valley sometimes. RT @ValleyIndy: Seymour town and school budgets rejected.
  • 20:05:29: Outstanding take on the EA Sports subscription package by Bill Harris. http://j.mp/gcqFQU He calls it what it is: total "bullshit" (his word
  • 20:13:22: I think I might have to get off of Twitter for the Canucks game, or I'm going to make a lot of enemies I'd rather not have.
  • 20:15:13: WHile I watch the Bruins, I think I'll play my NES emulator. Because there's no chance of my data being taken off of THAT!
  • 20:17:43: Hey, remember when the liberals bitched about the tea party assholes interrupting town hall meetings? Uh, yeah... http://bit.ly/gzr4sQ
  • 20:46:02: PROTIP: if Jhonas Enroth is playing in your team's game 7, something went horribly, horribly wrong.
  • 20:50:31: I admit: it's kinda funny seeing Tyler Ennis and Tyler Myers celebrating a goal.
  • 21:03:36: Nice little "fuck you" dimes given to Tyler Ennis and Daniel Carcillio. That's one of those "let's get out of here in one piece" calls.
  • 21:11:04: Tonight's officials for the Vancouver/Blackhawks game: G. Devorski and Sharrers on the lines, P. Devorski and Kozari in stripes. Good crew.
  • 21:15:19: I'm actually worried about tonight's game being in Vancouver. The fans are choking harder than the players.
  • 21:19:21: Hey! We're up! Too bad I didn't see it because we had to watch the last minute of the 5-2 Philly game! #fuckinghell
  • 21:19:45: Raffi Torres is already bordering on a headshot penalty. Keep your FUCKING ARMS DOWN. Damnit.
  • 22:21:20: Oh fuck me, there's still half of this game left? Just fucking kill me already. #timetolightanotheroneup
  • 22:24:11: The Blackhawks are like a monkey on my back. Not a small, cute one. A gigantic gorilla. And it's masturbating on my head.
  • 22:31:34: Nice try by Mason Raymond, but what is he doing on the PK!?
  • 22:34:13: Might have went just a bit rough in a Facebook comment... do I immediately make amends or stick to my guns?
  • 22:42:52: Somewhere, @kstar1785 is taking the words I said on Twitter about Corey Crawford and laughing maniacally at my dumb ass.
  • 23:03:51: Vancouver needs this penalty shot...
  • 23:05:54: That save was less Crawford and more Burrows. Not a well taken shot.
  • 23:16:53: Who replaced Henrik Sedin with Joe Thornton?
  • 23:24:50: Ugh COME ON, CANUCKS.
  • 23:32:01: This is about what I look like right now thanks to this Canucks game. http://bit.ly/f6ms4F
  • 23:37:20: *breaks out the wine bottle* A shortie? Are you serious?
  • 23:40:27: RT @DownGoesBrown: I feel like I want to pull the hockey gods off of Canuck fans. "That's enough, guys. They've had enough!"
  • 23:40:52: I apologize to everyone in my neighbourhood, in advance, for the amount of screaming I will be doing soon. No matter what happens.
  • 23:41:38: What the fuck was Kessler bitching about? Play the fucking game! Jesus Christ, bitch at the whistle!
  • 23:42:28: Fuck cigarettes, I'm moving up to pure crack.
  • 23:57:22: WHAT THE FUCK IS ALEX BURROWS THINKING!?!?!?!?!?!?

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