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From Twitter 04-28-2011

  • 00:00:31: RT @HamjamIAm: Warning!! Fake PSN emails are being sent out. They are using PlayStation_Network@playstation-email.com RT this for others ...
  • 00:13:12: I just lost my Internet AND my phone. Please tell me it wasn't another accident taking out a pole...
  • 03:57:19: James Brightman of Industry Gamers reminds us just how impulsive we can be: notice the RRoD issue he mentioned here. http://bit.ly/lMgIl8
  • 04:21:24: Sony is working on a new firmware to address the latest security hack. Because the last eight billion of them worked SO WELL.
  • 13:57:01: "We understand customers anger over the PSN breach. Due to this, we're going to take out every avenue of contact." http://bit.ly/lYBosw
  • 14:35:14: The issues @arstechnica is having with Facebook shows just how awful it is to have business tied into 3rd parties. http://bit.ly/kxZjo1
  • 14:41:40: Every time I think of being "different" in terms of giving news, I look at Michael Arrington. His douchiness slaps me back to reality.
  • 14:49:38: If it's true that the President is traveling to AL, that's hardcore. "There are massive tornadoes in this region. See you tomorrow."
  • 15:16:43: Woah, woah, woah. Capcom can't sell MEGA MAN. They're expected to try to sell Okami and God Hand? http://j.mp/mweQjk
  • 17:14:47: I guess Ubuntu MUST be popular. That would explain why my update is downloading at a brisk 30kb/sec. Yes, that's KILOBYTES.
  • 17:18:52: I would make a joke about UK bookies taking bets on the first sexual position of William and Kate's marriage, but it's probably happening.
  • 17:20:08: So, gay people on my list: did Jack DeVries of IGN make you look as bad as it appears he did? http://go.ign.com/m0hXsD
  • 18:31:01: RT @gamingbus: It's official: We will launch on Monday, May 2. On tap for that day are a review, and the return of @superbus's Unbrandin ...
  • 19:10:09: Excellent pick by the Carolina Hurricanes taking Cam Newton at #1. This continues their tradition for drafting terrible quarterbacks.
  • 19:13:48: Scratch that... Carolina PANTHERS. FUck the NFL.
  • 22:17:03: Looking at the comment threads of my local news site. When did Derby become Oxford?
  • 22:33:30: Oldie, but goodie: @Chad_Concelmo really nailed this key scene in Mother 3. The word "visceral" is aptly applied. http://bit.ly/m17wSw
  • 22:40:59: 1-0, Vancouver wins! #hatersgonnahate
  • 22:55:26: Using the Unity Desktop personally for the first time. It's like a Macintosh puked all over my PC. #ubuntu
  • 22:56:34: OK, the side icons jut out when something comes up (like tweets in TweetDeck). "Hi! Just letting you know I'm here! Am I annoying yet?" #yes
  • 23:04:16: Holy shit. I thought Open SuSE was rough on my laptop. Unity Desktop's going away. It's a resource whore, and runs like shit.

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Apr. 30th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)
May 2? I will be there. :-)
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