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From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 00:54:49: Looks like @kstar1785's feature went up tonight. She and her crew took a tired trope, and breathed new life into it. http://bit.ly/mAOfF1
  • 00:57:31: Stan Bowman: "Of course signing Corey Crawford is a top priority. We almost got burned last year, not chancing it again" http://es.pn/mOd2NT
  • 00:58:27: I couldn't give a flat flying fuck about my PSN trophies. I care more about two things: 1) is my fucking card safe?
  • 00:59:40: And 2) Why did Sony start the verbal runaround when it came time to talk about making good on DCUO, Free Realms and other paying customers?
  • 01:30:24: Anyone live-blogging the wedding or saying anything other than "wow, this is shit" will be unfollowed. Fair warning.
  • 01:57:24: Dear Internet: shit or get off the pot already. This is twice in two days.
  • 03:37:10: Woah. Hey Canadians. You might want to read this one. This is the Harper cabinet. http://bit.ly/gVvuFM
  • 06:24:02: Another God damned fatal, this time in Seymour. I do not miss cleaning these up. http://bit.ly/l2WAUK
  • 06:28:12: RT @emuparadise: The MOTHER 1+2 Fan Translation v1.0 http://zite.to/kxhlld - Translation patch for the GBA version is finally out! :)
  • 06:32:11: So it appears Canada's new draconian copyright protection rules (proposed?) were due to American pressure. #noshit http://bit.ly/lVkNvw
  • 15:29:41: I've been busy. Tell me, have Kate and William fucked yet?
  • 15:39:06: Look at George Jepsen go! You think he's calling Blumenthal up now, saying "see!? I'm a big boy, too! I'm like you!" http://j.mp/kEVXDA
  • 16:06:43: Sorry, Ray Kassar. But you're still a douchebag. http://bit.ly/kj25dw
  • 16:20:32: It's nice to know that my PSN trophies are safer than my PSN password.
  • 16:26:57: Uh oh. @cnshards must be apocalyptic right about now. #indiana #pp
  • 16:29:15: Gee, Rick Perry. Maybe it's because you continually say you want to secede because of the big bad federal gove… (cont) http://deck.ly/~2P5Fw
  • 16:32:28: What's sad is that some people will see this nonsense Trump speech and say he's their guy. http://on.msnbc.com/ijB8RZ
  • 17:37:06: Little UTS preview: it's called Stockholm Gamers. This is how you launch a site: you call your readers morons.
  • 17:43:22: How do you console someone when you're going through the same insecurities she is? Do you be a hypocrite, or a silent, insensitive prick?
  • 18:09:42: I'm spending my last weekend as an unemployed writer playing the shit out of JRPGs, I think.
  • 18:12:11: Are you serious!? RT @BreakingNews: NFL update: 8th Circuit restores NFL lockout, grants request for temporary stay - AP
  • 21:40:25: RT @BigSamTweets: On the Birthers : Proof that 10% of a species evolves while the other 90% humiliates itself to death.
  • 23:15:34: Nice to know every single hockey fan I know gets absolutely mouth-frothingly bonkers about the refs in the NHL Playoffs.
  • 23:22:19: I never did post my NHL semifinal picks: VAN in 6, DET in 6, Tampa in 7, Boston in 7. Except Tampa, I'm sticking with my initial season pick
  • 23:42:02: Question for @kstar1785 and her peeps: I wonder if they ever considered Lightning for their best female RPG feature.
  • 23:56:52: Brad Stuart can't catch a fucking break.

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