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From Twitter 05-01-2011

  • 00:00:15: This is going to be another one of those series, isn't it?
  • 00:50:27: It's not all bad. Vancouver lost and the Seattle Mariners suck, but at least the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters are doing well!
  • 01:08:01: For some reason Natty Narwal wants to open links from emacs and Pidgin in Firefox. How do I make that stop? I use Chrome.
  • 01:15:29: Looks like Sony did exactly what I figured they would: find a way to turn "thank you" into "buy more Sony product". I'm not even surprised.
  • 01:17:03: "For your patience and your stolen credit card, we are giving you all a month of our shitty premium content, and things for Home/Quriocity."
  • 01:17:25: "Now, why aren't you fuckers groveling yet?"
  • 01:24:37: Sony did the absolute bare minimum it had to to not get raked over the coals. Nor are they doing anything yet for DCUO or Free Realms people
  • 02:26:17: Me, to my 25 year old fiancee who's going to bed: "It's OK, honey. I understand that you're old, and it's past your bedtime." #imgonnagetit
  • 02:37:45: There's comedy, there's awesome comedy, and then there's a Japanese woman singing "Who Let The Dogs Out" at a baseball game.
  • 02:55:22: They have the Stanley Cup Playoffs airing in Japan! That's bad-ass. Of course, they advertise it with five year old images, but still.
  • 03:32:47: RT @the_pc_doc: So Sony only just created the post 'Chief Security Information Officer' ... Well there's your problem!
  • 04:42:03: So apparently, NATO isn't about targeting individuals. But if key individuals happen to be among the dead civilians, that's A-OK!
  • 11:56:29: Not having powerful allies. RT @dmataconis: What exactly did Qaddafi's youngest son and grandchildren do to deserve murder?
  • 11:58:40: The punishment of being young and dark in America. Maybe he was "aggressive" because they were beating him? http://bit.ly/m2wRPK
  • 11:59:50: Alright, let's get ready to drive to Boston to be told I'm too heavy to work D1! #whyamidoingthisagain #thiswillnotendwell
  • 19:26:34: Is it sad that I was actually pissed my GPS had me taking I-95 instead of the Mass Pike? #fuckri #iwantharrellsdamnit
  • 19:28:56: I honestly have no idea where the hell I am. (@ Shanghai Gardens) http://4sq.com/kgvE9H
  • 19:35:54: Good news: at the end of the night, I'll have officially driven every mile of I-95 in my lifetime.
  • 19:40:46: Nothing is more depressing than sports city arguments. #mycorporationisbetterthanyourcorporation
  • 20:05:37: Things I learned tonight: I like beef chow foon. Thanks for the tip, @skiptoalittle!
  • 22:33:58: So between roasting the shit out of Trump and Bachmann and Bin laden's death, I'd say Barack Obama's had a pretty good weekend.
  • 22:35:51: Tweetdeck goes back 100 posts. On my feed of 152 people, that's TWENTY MINUTES worth of posts. Looks like I missed quite a bit tonight!
  • 22:46:20: They found OSAMA in Pakistan. We'd bomb the fuck out of them, but, you know, nukes.
  • 22:46:57: OK, conservatives. Try to shit on this. I dare you.
  • 22:50:35: I'll even save my "can we get out of Afghanistan" comments for tomorrow. For now? Ten years of bullshit, finally over...
  • 22:51:35: RT @katytur4ny: "@NewYorkObserver: Look at Obama's face when Seth Meyers made joke about Bin Laden last night. http://t.co/OXM7SVt"
  • 22:53:05: I want to get the name of the guy that killed Bin Laden. That guy will never be married, because he will get A WORLD of pussy. Forever.
  • 22:53:37: RT @DownGoesBrown: CBS says Bin Laden killed by a head shot. Raffi Torres is out of control.
  • 22:59:55: Issuing a moratorum - now - on the following jokes: they found Osama because of (PSN/Apple/Google) leaks, and from "Osama" twitter accounts.
  • 23:01:03: RT @DHGFMadson: Now that Bin Laden is taken care of, we can get back to combating gay marriage and confirming birth certificates. #prior ...
  • 23:03:41: Dear everyone: Yes, Fox put "Obama Bin Laden Dead" on their timeline. I've only made that mistake THREE TIMES tonight. #shithappens
  • 23:06:36: Dear @KeithOlbermann: Can you shut up, for one fucking day, about Fox News?
  • 23:08:36: Now that it's "tomorrow", I can say: this doesn't change my thoughts on entering these wars. We should not have gone. Period.
  • 23:09:11: I said the same thing after Saddam was hanged. I'll say it again: our interventionism is unnecessary. Remember: we're still in Libya.
  • 23:10:30: I'm glad he's dead. But we lost thousands of my boys to take out Bin Laden, the Husseins, and Qaddafi's family. They are not "vindicated".
  • 23:12:49: RT @PimpBillClinton: Michelle Obama may want to get some Aflac for her pussy.
  • 23:24:01: It's funny. I found out Bin Laden was dead via a text message while driving home from MA. I almost drove off the fucking road.
  • 23:26:31: So, after everything this past weekend, I have to ask: does this finally kill Donald Trump's political career?
  • 23:28:27: Oh, shit. That's right. I have a website to launch.
  • 23:30:40: Dear US Military, re: Osama Bin Laden's body: pics or it didn't happen
  • 23:48:46: RT @gamingbus: We will delay our site launch one day. The reasons should be pretty obvious. #wegotthemotherfucker

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May. 2nd, 2011 01:33 pm (UTC)
Purely symbolic victory, but at least the military is acknowledging that, too. Still, feels good to get the sumbitch, even if it does little or nothing to change the situation on the ground. :-)
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