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From Twitter 05-02-2011

  • 00:15:48: RT @DanaTaggart: Geraldo reports that White House crowds are proof of "reaffirming democracy". I need some help on this one.
  • 00:20:27: You guys do know that the whole War on Terror thing isn't *over* now that we got Bin Laden, right?
  • 00:56:20: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Last tweet of nite (I promise): can't help but think of Pat Tillman tonight and what he would think right now. #whyh ...
  • 01:59:26: "Now please don't bomb us" RT @BreakingNews: Palestinian Authority says Osama binLaden killing was 'good for the cause of peace'
  • 02:01:23: Hey, remember those reports about Obama's approval ratings being in the shitter? Yeah, me neither.
  • 02:07:02: Alright. I'll buy the first map pack that lets me recreate the Bin Laden capture. Get on it, Activision, EA and Valve!
  • 02:07:47: I wish @cnshards had more followers, because her publicity is doing worlds of good for my ego, if nothing else.
  • 02:29:57: One thing I'll say: I never thought I'd have a "where were you" moment heading into fucking Guilford, CT.
  • 03:01:54: RT @RBReich: Apparently knowledge of BL's hideout came from careful analysis rather than from anyone imprisoned, coerced, or tortured. A ...
  • 03:20:11: "Now PLEASE don't bomb us! :(" RT @BreakingNews: CBS: Pakistan 'surprised' bin Laden was hiding near Islamabad http://bit.ly/k9T1oc
  • 04:02:12: You guys don't really think killing Osama Bin Laden is going to make us more free, do you? Honestly? This is not a victory for "liberty".
  • 04:02:47: Nor is it a victory for "freedom". It is a victory for revenge. As for freedom, let's just say the friskings will be MORE intense for awhile
  • 16:45:19: Ah, shit... RT @washingtonpost: CIA interrogators at secret prisons gathered first strands of intel that led to OBL http://ow.ly/4LkA5
  • 16:59:57: RT @arstechnica: Fake "MAC Defender" antivirus app scams users for money, CC numbers: http://t.co/mFrh1Z8 by @foresmac
  • 17:01:34: RT @dmataconis: Did Osama bin Laden Win? http://bit.ly/lXswN3
  • 17:02:40: I feel no remourse towards the wife of OBL, who was used as a human shield. Here's an idea: don't marry Osama Bin Fuckin' Laden.
  • 17:05:54: Best. Movie night. Ever. RT @pourmecoffee: Intense photo of White House team watching OBL attack unfold. http://bit.ly/j3qPa4
  • 17:15:21: And consumers can do nothing about it. RT @ErikaS981: Noooooooo! RT @HuffingtonPost AT&T starts capping Internet use http://huff.to/moPLkX
  • 17:19:24: I was going to read Nikkei's article about the SOE data breach, but it's paywalled. OK, I'll wait for someone else, then.
  • 17:20:24: Listen up, newspapers: if you are behind an internet paywall, you are irrelevant. We'll get our news. You will be rendered extinct.
  • 17:33:34: My buddy and I have the right idea for tonight's hockey: avoid AIM and Facebook, so we don't facepalm at Flyers/Bruins fans we know.
  • 17:39:46: Oh no! The sad state of both video game reporting and employment in said field is about to get ten times worse. http://j.mp/j00mnm
  • 18:49:52: Not sure what to make of Darren Nakamura's review of Ys Chronicles. He obviously doesn't "get" Ys, but is that "bad"? http://j.mp/lhFas0
  • 18:50:26: RT @DHGFMadson: Who do I have to coerce in order for Ever17 on the 360 to get released in North America?
  • 18:55:16: So Charlie Sheen donated a bunch of batteries he bought at Best Buy. I guess when he's not trying to kill his wives, he's an OK guy.
  • 18:58:47: Even I'm starting to feel sorry for Sony at this point. Ever piss off technologically apt people with nothing to do? That's what they've got
  • 19:05:40: Quick fact-check: 3DS owners, can you turn off the StreetPass and auto-find features? Can you take your 3DS "offline", so to speak?
  • 19:19:19: I love @jlist. "Here is a gorgeous photobook of artistic photos of women's breasts." On the same page: an 8 hour "horse riding style" porno.
  • 19:36:03: OK, I think I'm officially concerned that there is now "national unity" caused by OBL's death. It took a death to cause this? Really?
  • 19:48:19: Remember, guys. We had a sense of national unity after 9/11, too. Look where that got us.
  • 19:54:16: RT @burning_phoneix: @superbus The US had a sense of Unity after the Gulf of Tonkin. All it did was give LBJ a blank check to escalate V ...
  • 20:11:59: RT @DownGoesBrown: Settling in to play the "Election Returns Slot Machine" game: Whenever every one of a riding's candidates are old whi ...
  • 20:12:13: Related: @DownGoesBrown is trying to kill me.
  • 20:13:28: Define "snakebit": the Boston Bruins power play.
  • 20:23:01: If I was in Canada, I'd be campaigning. Not too strongly, though. "VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT THE TORIES. FOR GOD'S SAKE, PEOPLE."
  • 21:19:01: "Ma, I can't believe Canada just re-elected the Conservatives." "They couldn't believe we re-elected Bush, either."
  • 21:22:03: Look at it this way, Canada. You get a Prime Minister that is America's Official Bitch until your next election in six months.
  • 21:39:04: Hey, America. You see the second party in Canada? The New Democrats? That's called a "third party". See? It works!
  • 21:39:51: Also, if Michael Igantieff is still leading the Liberal Party of Canada after tonight, the libs deserve what they get, because they're dumb.
  • 22:10:07: They gave Harper a MAJORITY? Canada, are you FUCKING KIDDING?
  • 23:06:41: RT @gamingbus: Ladies and gentlemen... we are up. In some continuity for Chris: the first review is Dynasty Warriors 7. http://j.mp/lVMyAe
  • 23:09:29: The "Mr. Snuggles" McDonalds commercial kinda reminds me of someone. Not going to mention any names or future wives. #runs
  • 23:16:12: The biggest enemy of TiTS: backtracking. Massive amounts of backtracking. Oh, and the fetch quests.
  • 23:40:37: How... nice of Allstate to use the tornadoes to advertise their insurance.

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May. 3rd, 2011 11:16 am (UTC)
All right, going to go comment on Official Review #1. ... Except that your Twitter link does not seem to go it. :-| Can still get to it from the main page, though.

On the 3DS: No idea about those features, since I have yet to see anybody else in public who has a 3DS. (Not counting the people at the store with me on release night.)
May. 3rd, 2011 11:19 am (UTC)
Also: That Destructoid reviewer is quite thorough, but you are correct in saying that he does not "get" Ys.
May. 3rd, 2011 12:59 pm (UTC)
They gave Harper a MAJORITY? Canada, are you FUCKING KIDDING?

I want to disown 39.62% of the country. Also, anyone who talks to me about the election at work today is getting punched in the face.
May. 3rd, 2011 03:04 pm (UTC)
40% of the country voted conservative, and they get to rule the country. That's insane.

I fully blame the Liberals. They really screwed this one up. Iggy leaving the party is too little, too late.
May. 3rd, 2011 06:25 pm (UTC)
Our system is really, really fucked up. What can I say?

As I was saying to a friend last night, if a Liberal party leader in Canada can't win his own damn riding, he should be ritually disembowling himself.
May. 3rd, 2011 10:27 pm (UTC)
40% of the country needs their head examined.

Since I can't institute that... how about instant runoff voting like in Australia? I know my riding was 40/30/30 and wound up going Con because o fit.
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