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Big Pimpin'


We launched with two feature pieces (and a standard "welcome" post:

* I reviewed Dynasty Warriors 7, much like how I reviewed DW6 when I started at DHGF. http://www.gamingbus.com/2011/05/02/review-dynasty-warriors-7/

* I put up a new UTS. I'm considering dropping the UTS name, partly because it's not just about me, and partly because I've outgrown the name a bit (and a bit because every time I post one, Ed tells me the name sucks, and I want to strangle the fucker). But this one's on how consumers don't really have many options after the latest Sony fiasco. Not the BEST one I've written, but far from the worst. http://www.gamingbus.com/2011/05/03/unbranding-the-sheep-lesser-evils/

I've also started posting some news as well. I recommend either liking the Facebook page (I'll get a username if I get 25 likes, so until then, I'll refrain actually linking it; just search for Gaming Bus, or go from the front page), or putting the RSS feed into your reader of choice. There's also the Gamingbus Twitter account.

In short, I want to be your go-to place for reading about video games and news. Not trailers and the like; I want to have some discernment as to what I post. I'm a lot more about disclosure than making PR happy. Check that Dynasty Warrior review, and notice that I put in a disclosure area. That's key; we don't want to have any doubt as to what we did on a review.

Feedback is definitely a plus. I'm bringing PR on board soon, as well as advertisers, so this is a business venture for me that I hope to make money on once my logo and stuff are paid off.