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From Twitter 05-03-2011

  • 00:30:09: The NBA's new MVP would be in his third year of college without early entry rules. Because he's obviously not ready for the NBA.
  • 01:02:45: Game peeps, let me know what you think of the set up for Gaming Bus. I'm working on news and a feature as I speak.
  • 01:42:08: You know, it just struck me that all these sporting events had big time national anthems because someone died. That's... chilling.
  • 02:31:11: David Sirota is pretty spot-on about everyone doing the "USA! USA!" thing after OBL's death. http://j.mp/jAbVeZ
  • 09:55:19: I'm normally critical of Jason Pye, but he nailed it with his take on OBL's death and how it affects America. http://bit.ly/l5iVyo
  • 10:05:18: Too little, too late. RT @BreakingNews: Michael Ignatieff says he's stepping down as leader of Canada's Liberal party after crushing defeat
  • 10:10:26: Did you vote Conservative? Are you not really comfortable with draconian copyright reform? You are officially an idiot.
  • 10:17:13: Canada reportedly had a 16% turnout. I don't even know what to say anymore.
  • 10:17:23: RT @arstechnica: WikiLeaks: US offered to bankroll New Zealand piracy crackdown: http://t.co/nunT2jt by @matthewlasar
  • 10:20:35: If Canada proved one thing, I think I learned this: a third party is useless if it only takes votes from one of the other two parties.
  • 10:22:54: If the Canadian election did one GOOD thing, it's to remove Canada as a place for lefties to "move" whenever they're pissed about America.
  • 10:23:18: Because if you fuckers hate corporatism in America now, you Canadian fuckers haven't seen anything yet.
  • 11:42:23: RT @gamingbus: In our Dynasty Warriors 7 review, we're trying something new: we disclosed everything about the review process. http://bi ...
  • 12:00:24: RT @gamingbus: Our new Unbranding the Sheep was just posted. It details why Sony can basically blow off its customers. http://bit.ly/mGuQVW
  • 12:14:16: Steelers statement: "I don't know what @R_Mendenhall is thinking. I encourage all good Americans to celebrate a man's death. USA! USA!"
  • 12:52:07: Now that I'm launched, I have an idea for a feature. Want to borrow some outsiders for it, namely @kstar1785, @kweenie, @jvb + @DHGFMarkB.
  • 21:40:59: Censorship is stupid, which is why I still giggle when I see NHL players mouthing TO THE CAMERA "Bad fucking call".
  • 22:05:37: Ryan Kesler is making The Leap right before our eyes. #haterstotheleft
  • 22:25:38: Again, Luongo was caught cheating. Fucking A.
  • 22:26:21: Say one thing about southern hockey fans: they are obedient. "OK WE WAVE OUR ORANGE THINGS NOW! WAVE! WAVE!!!"
  • 22:36:11: Between Tails in the Sky and Zenonia 3, I definitely picked some long, fetch-questy games to review.
  • 23:10:15: From a Canucks fan: that penalty on Shea Weber was a travesty. Bad, bad call, especially the way OT's gone. I almost hope they kill it.
  • 23:13:12: Yeech... I don't feel good about that one. And it was scored by Kesler. I hope karma doesn't bite Vancouver in the ass.

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May. 4th, 2011 11:59 am (UTC)
Canada reportedly had a 16% turnout. I don't even know what to say anymore.

Actually, it was a 61.4% turnout. We may be fucked, but we're not that fucked.
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