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From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 01:06:22: I sympathise with people that want to play on PSN, but not really. There are real-world consequences in play here. You're irrelevant.
  • 01:09:35: Now THIS is a woman that knows when to come around! <3 RT @twelveicings: VANCOUVER :)
  • 01:31:04: I dock both @DHGFMarkB and @DHGFMadson a billion points for not mentioning Luca Blight in this entire debate. http://j.mp/koFqxp
  • 01:31:43: RT @tinadupuy: You'd think people who pray to someone who was nailed to wood, stabbed and left to die slowly would be quick to denounce ...
  • 02:59:35: Writing something right now that pretty much proves why I started up @gamingbus in the first place.
  • 03:58:35: I'm linking to @gamejournos. And it's because I agree with him. Twice. I feel dirty.
  • 04:08:23: I honestly don't know how Sam Kennedy of 1UP can keep a straight face. This is twice now. Talk about being a good soldier.
  • 16:47:29: RT @kweenie: I hate that I can properly spell Qriocity now.
  • 16:49:05: RT @gamingbus: IGN Acquired UGO and with it 1UP. Needless to say, @superbus wasn't a fan of the deal. http://bit.ly/mfnIsU
  • 17:27:24: Maybe I've found just what the fuck I am: Post Modern. http://bit.ly/muJ7pX
  • 17:38:22: OH SNAP SON RT @Reuters: FLASH: U.S. threatens "additional steps" against Syria unless government stops killing protesters
  • 18:01:18: I like TiTS, but I picked a bad game to review. It's gonna be almost 20 hours to get out of the PROLOGUE, w/ side quests.
  • 19:27:01: Can someone please explain to me just why everyone is going batshit over Eric Hosmer today? He's just another prospect.
  • 19:43:46: Gotta love Champion. "Our athletes are cattle, and should be seen, not heard." http://es.pn/jklY37 Needless to say, I support @R_Mendenhall.
  • 19:53:14: Great strikeout pitchers of my lifetime: Nolan Ryan. Roger Clemens. Randy Johnson. Cliff Lee?
  • 20:09:04: RT @OsamaInHell: Guess what? I took your civil liberties with me.
  • 20:50:33: I don't report on rumours and unfounded sources. I report facts. Wake me when the #xbox720 is confirmed.
  • 20:54:47: PERFECT GAME ALERT: There is a perfect game in progress in St. Louis. Jamie Garcia is 21 for 21 so far.
  • 21:00:43: Well, that was quick. Within two pitches, Jamie Garcia gave up a walk and a hit. Perfect game + no hitter gone.
  • 21:31:14: Welcome to the Conference Finals, Boston. hope you all pack golf clubs for the games in Tampa.
  • 21:31:33: RT @chrismpeters: Tim Thomas plays goal like a guy who drives drunk really well. A few scary moments, but he always gets home somehow. # ...
  • 21:38:33: Bruins games would be so much more fun to watch if it weren't for Jack Edwards.
  • 21:44:56: Dear Boston: If you fuckers lose to the LIghtning, I'll never forgive you.
  • 22:12:08: Watching the Mariners game on MLB.tv. Jack Cust is hitting under .200 and just struck out. #whatarethefuckingodds
  • 23:14:31: GOD DAMNIT, MILTON. #takeoneguess
  • 23:21:30: RT @sportsguy33: Is the story the end of the Lakers or Dirk going to another level? I feel like it's Dirk. LA made 3 straight Finals, ha ...

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May. 7th, 2011 03:39 pm (UTC)
The Luca Blight fight is the highlight of Suikoden II, a great moment in a game full of good moments.

Syria is a fairly immediate concern, considering that the U.S. still has military infrastructure in Iraq.

So close to a perfect game! Alas.
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