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From Twitter 05-08-2011

  • 00:01:06: Wait, Double Dream Feet is FUCKING REAL? http://youtu.be/5L1tr0PIx20
  • 00:14:15: There's heavy irony on this page. See if you can spot it. http://j.mp/ktOaA5 @GregWHoward #tcot
  • 00:26:12: The advertising on Justin.tv has gotten obscene. Look guys, I will never, ever buy a "premium" account if you treat me like this. Period.
  • 00:27:18: When my browser is specifically ignoring commands like "mute your shitty fucking ad", and I have to click through it, you get *nothing*.
  • 00:28:05: That's not "come join our site!", that's "buy us or you won't be able to enjoy anything". It's a lighter form of blackmail.
  • 00:31:30: Say what you want, fight fans, but personally, I'm just glad Shane Mosley didn't get seriously hurt. #whendowegetmayweather
  • 00:50:38: AND your ads don't open in a new window/tab. So when I click the ad (to make it go away), I have to go back (and watch it again). Fucking A.
  • 15:00:08: So apparently, the two top movies in America are The Hangover II and Brides Maids. Culture is dead.
  • 15:00:38: Also, a week of grueling physical activity, including games and massive training, is taking a toll today. I'm gassed, and have a game later.
  • 15:30:08: Basketball is like boxing: it's about styles. Lakers vs. Mavericks is like a brawler vs. a southpaw: a surgical dismantling.
  • 15:36:29: Jesus, Alex Ovechkin can't even win at the Worlds. http://bit.ly/kFEkPr
  • 15:54:54: Was that a Black Dog remix I heard during halftime of the Lakers game? I'm not judging, but they should be executed.
  • 16:13:00: I'm kinda happy Derek Jeter is struggling. Not because I dislike him, but because he's ageing naturally. #nohghhere
  • 16:14:22: For anyone screaming "YANKEE HATER!", I felt the same way about Griffey Jr. from "my" Mariners. He hurt them last year. I didn't care.
  • 16:38:48: Even as a hockey player, the Bynum cheapshot was shitty. Big man, giving a shot to 5 foot nothing JJ Barea.
  • 16:41:18: RT @BuddhaMichael: Why do the punks wearing Lakers unis keep picking on the smallest Mav on the court? Man up. Pick on someone bigger, l ...
  • 21:25:21: It is "unscientific". But maybe S. Bysiewicz should pay attention, and bow out with what's left of her dignity intact. http://bit.ly/lczamB
  • 21:26:44: Now THIS is the San Jose Sharks we know an love: choking like a hooker trying to service Mister Ed.
  • 21:29:15: Chris Bosh said "nerves" affected his Game 3 play. Translation: "I'm a gigantic pussy who isn't good enough to win." http://es.pn/kn3Myt
  • 21:33:54: If Detroit hangs on, I'm thankful. Not because I care, but because that means Vancouver gets more rest if they win game 6.
  • 21:34:53: Does Mongolia even get a say in this? RT @BreakingNews: Japan, U.S. consider joint nuclear waste storage in Mongolia, paper reports
  • 21:42:59: RT @sportsguy33: I can't believe Bennett Salvatore made a giant mistake at a crucial moment of a playoff game. #tweetsnobodyjustmade

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May. 9th, 2011 10:15 am (UTC)
Considering that a large share of Mongolia is desert, I imagine they do not mind renting it. What else are they going to do with it?
May. 10th, 2011 02:11 am (UTC)
hilarious if in fact the US and Japan are discussing this without having asked them first
May. 10th, 2011 02:37 am (UTC)
I mean, it would have been more entertaining if he had gotten more hurt.
It was not worth the trouble it took me to stream it.
It is difficult to argue against the brutality of boxing I guess; as much as it is a fighting sport with rules, that is not, as MMA is, human cockfighting, we still want to see blood.

May. 10th, 2011 02:38 am (UTC)
Mavs v. Heat, Mavs in 3!
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