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From Twitter 05-08-2011

  • 00:01:06: Wait, Double Dream Feet is FUCKING REAL? http://youtu.be/5L1tr0PIx20
  • 00:14:15: There's heavy irony on this page. See if you can spot it. http://j.mp/ktOaA5 @GregWHoward #tcot
  • 00:26:12: The advertising on Justin.tv has gotten obscene. Look guys, I will never, ever buy a "premium" account if you treat me like this. Period.
  • 00:27:18: When my browser is specifically ignoring commands like "mute your shitty fucking ad", and I have to click through it, you get *nothing*.
  • 00:28:05: That's not "come join our site!", that's "buy us or you won't be able to enjoy anything". It's a lighter form of blackmail.
  • 00:31:30: Say what you want, fight fans, but personally, I'm just glad Shane Mosley didn't get seriously hurt. #whendowegetmayweather
  • 00:50:38: AND your ads don't open in a new window/tab. So when I click the ad (to make it go away), I have to go back (and watch it again). Fucking A.
  • 15:00:08: So apparently, the two top movies in America are The Hangover II and Brides Maids. Culture is dead.
  • 15:00:38: Also, a week of grueling physical activity, including games and massive training, is taking a toll today. I'm gassed, and have a game later.
  • 15:30:08: Basketball is like boxing: it's about styles. Lakers vs. Mavericks is like a brawler vs. a southpaw: a surgical dismantling.
  • 15:36:29: Jesus, Alex Ovechkin can't even win at the Worlds. http://bit.ly/kFEkPr
  • 15:54:54: Was that a Black Dog remix I heard during halftime of the Lakers game? I'm not judging, but they should be executed.
  • 16:13:00: I'm kinda happy Derek Jeter is struggling. Not because I dislike him, but because he's ageing naturally. #nohghhere
  • 16:14:22: For anyone screaming "YANKEE HATER!", I felt the same way about Griffey Jr. from "my" Mariners. He hurt them last year. I didn't care.
  • 16:38:48: Even as a hockey player, the Bynum cheapshot was shitty. Big man, giving a shot to 5 foot nothing JJ Barea.
  • 16:41:18: RT @BuddhaMichael: Why do the punks wearing Lakers unis keep picking on the smallest Mav on the court? Man up. Pick on someone bigger, l ...
  • 21:25:21: It is "unscientific". But maybe S. Bysiewicz should pay attention, and bow out with what's left of her dignity intact. http://bit.ly/lczamB
  • 21:26:44: Now THIS is the San Jose Sharks we know an love: choking like a hooker trying to service Mister Ed.
  • 21:29:15: Chris Bosh said "nerves" affected his Game 3 play. Translation: "I'm a gigantic pussy who isn't good enough to win." http://es.pn/kn3Myt
  • 21:33:54: If Detroit hangs on, I'm thankful. Not because I care, but because that means Vancouver gets more rest if they win game 6.
  • 21:34:53: Does Mongolia even get a say in this? RT @BreakingNews: Japan, U.S. consider joint nuclear waste storage in Mongolia, paper reports
  • 21:42:59: RT @sportsguy33: I can't believe Bennett Salvatore made a giant mistake at a crucial moment of a playoff game. #tweetsnobodyjustmade

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May. 10th, 2011 02:11 am (UTC)
hilarious if in fact the US and Japan are discussing this without having asked them first