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From Twitter 05-09-2011

  • 02:05:45: Maybe I'm strange, but there's a visceral feeling I get from watching my levels increase in a video game. Just the bar moving is stimulating
  • 02:05:56: I would probably be the world's greatest Cow Clicker player.
  • 02:23:14: Wow, is Yuffie really fucking annoying. #ffvii
  • 03:16:21: This is a bigger deal than people realize. RT @burning_phoneix: has led his Hannover team to cup success in winning the German Cup. #FM2011
  • 03:57:47: Ooooh... the more Japan-centric game friends I know aren't gonna like hearing this. http://bit.ly/jqO5xN
  • 04:52:07: RT @jlist: Repost: Good advice for wives http://img.ly/3UZi
  • 06:08:20: RT @gamingbus: We are going to have an all-encompassing update on the PSN situation in a bit. We do not update on the weekends, so this ...
  • 06:09:54: William Tong is in the #ctsen race. Finally, someone I can get behind.
  • 07:12:36: So CVG is basically the UK version of what would happen if Kotaku and Joystiq had a baby. Got it. #noitisnotacompliment
  • 07:14:43: I'm thinking of bringing back the old downloadable service wrap-ups I did at DHGF. Feedback?
  • 07:23:17: For reference, here's what they looked like: http://j.mp/kQxkMJ And here's why I stopped them: http://j.mp/lCMr2O
  • 07:45:56: RT @gamingbus: Instead of wasting my weekend - and your RSS feeds - with bitty updates, we have one big PSN update up now. http://j.mp/k ...
  • 08:26:53: Fucking hell, CVG. This is NOT NEWSWORTHY. This is rampant speculation. Stop the misleading headlines. http://j.mp/iUzmfj
  • 08:40:49: The Guardian asks if Bin Laden's death justifies torture. I wish the entire article was just the word "NO" in +12 font. http://j.mp/lC9Wr1
  • 10:18:48: RT @gamingbus: We have posted a page going over our review process and standards. We want you to trust us through transparency. http://j ...
  • 19:17:12: Massive headache. I mean, massive. I really don't want to write about Activision's financials, but...
  • 19:41:44: I just signed a peition saying that @uptownhockey is wrong for their views on Sean Avery's gay marriage support. http://t.co/m8f505X
  • 19:42:34: Tell Uptown Sports: Apologize for calling same-sex marriage "misguided" and "wrong" http://t.co/TpIwlQ9 via @change
  • 19:43:16: Let me also state for the record that it is VERY weird to be publicly supporting Sean Fuckin' Avery.
  • 19:46:05: RT @edropple: On one hand, I want no part of the Canucks, but on the other, a good friend might leap off ab ridge with a Kesler jersey. :/
  • 19:56:17: The Miami Heat are learning a lesson: when Joel Anthony is on the floor, they're playing 4 on 5. It's showing.
  • 19:56:38: Also, Vancouver 2, Nashville 0, after 1. #haterstotheleft
  • 20:49:17: RT @Locs_n_Laughs: I love how Spoelstra's always looking like he's calling plays. That's so cute.
  • 21:01:52: There goes Linux support... RT @Reuters: FLASH: Microsoft is close to a deal to buy Skype for more than $7 billion - report
  • 21:18:05: Hard to believe the Predators are looking at elimination. They're swarming. If this keeps up, Vancouver's in trouble.
  • 21:24:29: RT @ScottSeaman: @connpost @wtnh A friend, currently at the mall, says Buffalo Wild Wings just locked doors & announced that there is a ...
  • 21:26:35: Seriously. A hostage situation? At Buffalo Wild Wings? What the fuck?
  • 21:29:11: And, there we go.RT @connpost: RT@WTNH: Milford Police say lockdown at CT Post Mall is because of a robbery at Macy's.
  • 21:44:58: Oh, what the hell.RT @johnhollinger: Ref: "Stop" (Kendrick) Perk(ins): "YOU stop" Tech.
  • 21:47:26: Respect the Nashville Predators. They played great hockey, and deserved to at least take this to overtime. They were great opponents.
  • 21:48:16: I actually feel kinda bad. Vancouver moves on, but Nashville played like warriors.
  • 22:30:34: Is it just me, or is Russell Westbrook killing his team? Dumb decisions, and absolutely toxic body language.
  • 23:31:26: RT @GameJournos: Huge props to @BenKuchera for electing not to review unfinished, buggy code for "Brink".
  • 23:34:18: You know, that Mike Conley contract is looking better by the day. Unlike the Kendrick Perkins trade/contract.
  • 23:34:38: RT @TheDCD: Memphis ties it up! Now THIS is how a playoff game is supposed to be. #NBAPlayoffs #NBA
  • 23:36:22: Michael Westbrook is KILLING his team today. Stupid decision after stupid decision, and he's not even his team's best player.

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May. 10th, 2011 12:03 pm (UTC)
You should specify whether you're using a grade school scale or a college scale for your letter grades.
May. 10th, 2011 03:55 pm (UTC)
There's a difference?
May. 10th, 2011 06:25 pm (UTC)
Very much so, especially depending on the region and individual institution.

Colleges that use the 4.0 scale only usually go up to A, in which case there is no A+. Some colleges don't use chromatic variants at all, in which case all grades are only a letter, no + or -.
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