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From Twitter 05-10-2011

  • 00:00:37: Mike Conley made such a good shot in the 4th, I think we can forgive his atrocious shot in OT.
  • 00:03:20: OK, is being clinically stupid a job requirement for every NBA arena announcer?
  • 00:08:11: Enough with these FUCKING TECHNICALS. This is pathetic. If I had to ref hockey like this, I'd disembowel myself.
  • 00:21:55: RT @ZacBoyer: This Oklahoma City/Memphis series would have been way more exciting if it were Seattle vs. Vancouver.
  • 00:26:09: Third overtime in Memphis. I'm calling it: whoever wins this wins the series. This is now a must-win.
  • 03:10:47: I didn't know Metallica covered BOC's Veteran of the Psychic Wars before today. In acoustic. It... doesn't suck? http://youtu.be/C5vSIu_ERm8
  • 05:58:12: Reading Namco Bandai's financials for the past fiscal year. @shizuoya isn't gonna like what I have to say about this.
  • 07:45:12: Steve Ballmer is that guy at an auction that bids his maximum price on the first bid. #skype
  • 08:23:54: Gov. Malloy is laying off union workers. This is what happens when you don't compromise: you run into a wall. 4,200+ times.
  • 08:25:57: I blame both sides. The unions for not giving *anything*, and the Governor for the worst work I've seen since I was a teenager (Weicker).
  • 08:49:43: For a comparison on what Gov. Malloy is, consider Lowell Weicker, who's income tax stole from the poor and had loopholes for Fairfield Cty.
  • 08:50:44: Weicker's tax had loopholes that benefited his home county and made everyone else pay. They take care of their own, damn the peasants.
  • 09:07:33: Woah, the Mariners DFA'd Milton Bradley? Talk about addition by subtraction.
  • 09:11:33: Dear Michigan: Roughly 45% of Detroit residents are functionally illiterate. That's a bigger deal than gay college students getting benefits
  • 09:42:00: The beauty of Looney Tunes is that even 60 years later, the cartoons stand up. Why fuck with what works? http://j.mp/lERobh
  • 09:45:51: First Amazon, and now Google is up with a cloud music service. Both did it without "permission" from the increasingly irrelevant RIAA.
  • 09:50:11: Poor, poor @shizuoya. Namco Bandai went to profitability by basically cutting us out of the loop. http://j.mp/l7Tutp
  • 09:50:24: RT @nickgillespie: RT @alexmassie: Best political slogan of the year? “Gingrich 2012: He will always love America. Unless it gets cancer ...
  • 10:12:57: Holy shit, guys. Outland is really, really good.
  • 10:41:18: Interesting piece by @JimSterling, though I disagree. His complaints really only affect AAA devs. AA guys? FIELD DAY. http://j.mp/mlNudx
  • 13:06:51: Thank God for Patrick Seybold and his amazing updates on the PlayStation situation. How clear! How decisive! http://j.mp/lyK8RH
  • 13:16:12: I wonder if Jeremy Roenick was courageous enough to rip Patrick Marleau like that to his face when they were teammates in San Jose.
  • 13:35:32: Every time something bad happens to Andrew Crossley, an angel gets his wings. http://j.mp/iypGkR
  • 13:49:35: "We at Activision-Blizzard are platform-agnostic. Oh, unless Microsoft is paying us to release map packs early." http://j.mp/lTF5jM
  • 13:52:14: They ARE gunning for COD...RT @Maas_Effect Battlefield 3 isn't even out for how many months yet they're already talking expansion packs?!
  • 21:39:20: If someone could say "what is the most obvious case of a series going from 3-0 to 3-3", it's between the Champion Wings and Choking Sharks.

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