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From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 05:20:27: Lost in the rest of this (solid) entry, Bill Harris has a better idea for how Sony should "welcome back" their users .http://j.mp/iBHzzS
  • 05:21:13: This sounds like a much better idea than furthering console lock-in with two shitty (digital?) games, and making people try a paid service.
  • 05:29:24: It's stunning the depths the NHL will go to keep an insolvent franchise in a poor area. http://es.pn/m4FBkN
  • 05:29:46: I have to consider this personal at this point. Watch the NHL pull out all the stops to keep the Thrashers out of Winnipeg.
  • 06:14:29: RT @drjjoyner: RT @lheron: RT @NickKristof: Our ally #Bahrain raids girls' schools, beats kids, threatens to rape 12-yr-olds. http://bit ...
  • 07:00:39: The legendary Bill Gallo has died. I choose to celebrate the life of someone so influential to me. http://es.pn/mA7oDP
  • 07:51:45: Last night seems so surreal. Maybe it's because it was so infuriating. Or because I hadn't slept in days. Either or.
  • 07:52:52: Or it could have been the heat stroke! RT @ValleyIndy: @superbus It was hot in there
  • 08:11:01: Also, when Shelton High's headmaster made her ruling on James Tate, she likely didn't think it would lead to a NATIONAL story.
  • 09:09:22: Sympathies to @JazzShaw. Anyone who thinks an old pet isn't a family member is just flat-out wrong.
  • 09:26:32: Dilemma time: do I purchase Star Raiders for the 360 for review, even when I thought the demo was flat-out pathetic?
  • 09:28:32: So the PC version of Brink is fluffy breasts, and the console version is the devil's ass. Well, 'aint that a bitch. #noshit
  • 10:41:09: "Tea Party movement is really nothing more than the far-right wing of the Republican Party under a new name." http://j.mp/iUn3U9
  • 10:54:17: Oh what the fuck. RT @connpost: We have a report that Shelton High School is on lock down. Details to come.
  • 12:44:54: I just wanna steal the mayorship. (@ Valley Independent Sentinel) http://4sq.com/k6N8hH
  • 23:29:08: Though I'm sick of #teamtate, I have to congratulate the kid. That girl of his is a first round draft pick.
  • 23:40:52: Is it sad that I'm considering getting the 360 version of NHL '11 just to bring @edropple and @kstar1785 down to earth? #thechampishere
  • 23:51:32: I also forgot that @Psymin1 has NHL '11 on the 360. I should consider getting it. I can use him to warm up. #ohsnapson

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