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From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 00:01:10: Check out just how badly Ansonia screwed around with @mozactly. And she was sick, too! http://j.mp/mwB680
  • 00:04:43: #haterstotheleft RT @Maas_Effect: @kstar1785 Oh please beat @superbus at NHL 11. :-P
  • 00:13:16: Billy Graham is 92, and in the hospital. Well, you know what they say: the good die young.
  • 15:45:30: Square Enix's financial numbers have nothing to do with bad games, people. They have to go with natural disasters and cancellations.
  • 15:56:12: Sometimes, I wonder if I'm thinking on a whole other level from society. Like I'm doing calculus, and the world is learning times tables.
  • 18:49:48: So the company run by noted scumbag Mark Zuckerberg is cowardly. What are the fucking odds. http://tcrn.ch/kORmcP
  • 19:07:17: No, Chris. Resist LA Noire! You know all Rockstar games are broken on day of release! :(
  • 19:08:32: Dear ESPN: I don't know who this chick is singing Black Dog, but I want her to go away. Like, immediately.
  • 19:11:50: Looks like Joey Crawford is reffing tonight in Atlanta. Over/under on techs is at 5.
  • 20:07:02: Ahhh, so THIS is why everyone puts up with Josh Smith's bullshit.
  • 20:07:43: Detroit vs. San Jose is about to start on Versus. Someone make sure to periodically check on @psymin1.
  • 20:08:59: RT @mozactly: 12 hour work day - don't feel like I actually got anything done #teamtate
  • 20:11:56: Next will be churches, right? Right? RT @BreakingNews: IRS moves to tax huge gifts to nonprofit advocacy groups active in politics
  • 20:15:29: There are people not in their seats in San Jose. If this is not because they're giving away free blow jobs at concessions, that's a problem.

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