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From Twitter 05-13-2011

  • 00:47:49: As a hockey fan, I'm sad the Wings couldn't come back. As a Canucks fan, I'm fucking elated the Wings couldn't come back.
  • 00:48:39: RT @FarmboyinJapan: So Howard Stern had some disparaging things to say about gamers. Quick! Everybody freak out and show him how thin sk ...
  • 00:49:23: I'm also kinda thankful that I won't have my ENTIRE friends list against me next round, instead of just most of them. #haterstotheleft
  • 01:03:28: Patrick Marleau scored the game winner against the Wings + had the last clear. "Hey JR: Tell me how my ass tastes!"
  • 01:06:28: RT @BreakingNews: Abortion opponents in Kansas fail to win legislative approval for plan to restrict private healthinsurance coverage of ...
  • 01:41:47: I can only sign into three Google accounts? You guys are causing me to consider moving off of Apps every day, you know that?
  • 07:53:06: Jesus Christ, EVERYONE'S financial numbers dropped today and yesterday. #longday
  • 17:07:31: Just remember, hardcore Muslims! Your leader was watching pornography, which I'm pretty sure is verboten in your religion! He's a hypocrite!
  • 17:13:46: Dear Ron Paul: @dmataconis of all people just called your campaign "quixotic". Time to pack it in, soldier.
  • 17:31:27: Oh, Blogger's down? Sorry, my multiple installations of Wordpress on my own servers didn't notice.
  • 17:36:36: Writing up my birthday wish for Causes. I think it's time I stopped fucking around about this chapter of my life... #itsgonnahurt
  • 19:27:06: So, I want the Bruins to work the Lightning like a speed bag. But then they'll likely get Vancouver. IT's kinda like '94 all over again.
  • 20:11:02: RT @gamingbus: So it's been two weeks. Tell us: what do you like/dislike about how we're doing?
  • 20:21:46: Great post by @GreaterSeas on innovation vs. a quick buck. Now, the question: how to make the former attractive? http://bit.ly/lhwbRc
  • 21:04:26: Nothing in life is better than Tuna Crap. Period.
  • 22:21:41: WHAT THE FUCK RT @BreakingNews: Sports: New York Rangers enforcer Derek Boogaard dies at age 28 http://bit.ly/lbE4LA
  • 22:25:39: Man, the Boogaard death hits me hard. Real hard. He was a good man. I want answers. Heart? CTE? What HAPPENED?
  • 22:39:13: Are you serious? @Chad_Concelmo just dropped knowledge on FFVI that I had NO CLUE about. Spoiler warning. http://bit.ly/j2Rikn
  • 22:57:05: Rockies win again. Also, water is wet. RT @TheDCD: Whoo! Rockies win! Time for a celebratory beer.

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