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From Twitter 05-15-2011

  • 00:04:02: RT @gamingbus: We're gonna wait until Monday to report on the PSN coming back up. Partly to see if it actually works, and partly because ...
  • 17:08:46: Very nice to see @BenKuchera agrees with me: the PSN reporting can wait a bit. Sorry, I got big boy shit to do, too.
  • 17:44:05: Time to go ref again. Just one game. Let's see if my legs have more juice today than yesterday.
  • 17:46:11: RT @fstoffa: Dear 6 year olds with cell phones,
    Who are you calling? Barney?!
    Sincerely, A concerned teen
  • 17:54:30: "Hey @sportsguy33, you never write columns anymore! You suck!" "Here, have an instant classic on Phil Jackson." "... Oh" http://es.pn/mBNbbl
  • 17:56:30: I don't think people quite know how big a deal the arrest of the head of the IMF really is. Picture Barack Obama being arrested for rape.
  • 17:57:41: No, really. It's that big a deal. When poor countries need a bail out, it's the IMF that gives them a parachute.
  • 21:39:10: I get home in time to see Vancouver up 3-2 on San Jose. #haterstotheleft
  • 22:36:56: Kotaku chills criticism by making "Kotaku Star" status desirable and banning dissent. Good pickup by @GameJournos. http://j.mp/jIbaW4
  • 23:08:56: I want an ad-blocker for the TV that only eliminates ads for Colon Flow, debt absolvers, and that foot callous commercial.

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