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Awesome night!

Thanks to the guys who showed up tonight! Tonight's was easily the best chat ever, and I even got a chance to speak with some people I rarely get to talk to anymore. Great time all around.

While that was happening, though? New York State told the so-cons to go fuck themselves.

It's too bad Stacy doesn't read LJ much anymore, because she is absolutely elated with this news. Still, it's a positive step for those that do fight for equal rights for everyone. It's not perfect - I'd like to see a state west of Ohio approve gay marriage before we start celebrating - but it's a positive step, considering it was a GOP senate that approved this.

Personally, I'm happy. Not as happy as I'll be when the Supreme Court treats this as our modern day Civil Rights Bill, but happy nonetheless.


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Jun. 25th, 2011 08:35 pm (UTC)
Big points to the state of New York ...

... and points off for me, since I missed another chat. :-( Friday nights are rather shit for me.
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